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Gaffney live from KFI twenty four hour newsroom. Southbound lanes of these seven ten freeway will be squeezed Saturday and completely closed Sunday night count. Trans says two lanes will be open during the day between the sixty and five freeways spokesman Eric men. Var's says all southbound lanes on the stretch will be closed Sunday night, expect more closures like these on weekends. We think we will have about twenty closures. This is the first weekend of the resurfacing project. Held officials in LA county have been doing the math to stop a measles. Outbreak county public health director, Barbara rarely out the reasoning for quarantine people as quickly as possible if you have one student at a university or college that exposes a thousand people if I is about five percent of the population is not vaccinated, which makes fifty people likely to get sick and thirty those will become infectious. And then a period of weeks, we could have around six hundred people with me villes here in LA county all from one exposure. For says, that's why hundreds of people UCLA Cal State LA were quarantined until they could prove immunization in LA. Chris ancarlo KFI news, former vice president Joe Biden has sat at the table with the ladies of the view. He was asked about the women who have accused him of inappropriate touching Biden says he has to be much more aware of the private space of men and women, but he was pressed about an apology. So I'm ready to space. I mean, I I'm sorry this happened. But, but I'm not sorry in the sense that I think I did anything that was intentionally designed to do anything wrong or being appropriate by and says it was inappropriate that he didn't understand looking at the roads now in Los Angeles downtown LA on the ten freeway northbound before the one on one we've had a crash involving a bus two right lanes. But take it away. Starting around fifth street right now also now Hambro on the west side of the tenant to the seven ten carpool and left lane coned off by Cal fan. Still nine o'clock jammed up drives starting around new avenue. You heard about the closure on the seventeenth southbound currently closed between the sixty and the fives you head out of east LA, and you can take the five thousand dead or try eastern or mid Nick avenue down on the five freeway southbound four paramount boulevard crash in the right lane. Just cleared over to the right shoulder. You are still slow from Garfield avenue KFI in the sky helps get you there faster Roberts Bucky weather from KFI some overnight morning, low, clouds and fog, mostly sunny this weekend. Sixties at the beach is low to mid seventy s metro LA and the OC seventy Salou eighty.

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