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The union army's being resupplied with new a new core arriving as well and there's a dramatic moment it would make a wonderful play at meets headquarters that night council of war john gibbons of the attends david birney newton hancock howard sedgwick slocum all representing the cores available in this fishhook status what does meat ask them professor what does mead want to do the question he puts them as shall we stay here and fight or shall we fall back from this position to a position more defensible to the rear of course what he is thinking of is the position that he had always wanted to use as a defensive position and that was paid creek about twenty five miles to the southeast in maryland and most of the corps commanders who are coming to this meeting are expecting that that's what need wants to do they're concerned that he really does want to order a retreat but when they come together and he pulls them the corps commanders are overwhelmingly opposed to retreat at handcock again winfield scott hancock puts his foot down and says this army has done enough retreating let this be our last retreat they vote from shoulders and says all right gentlemen if this is what you want then we will fight here they vote from the junior to the senior that's the voting for mead and mead protocol invent eventually persuaded by them john gibbons my note says that he wants to correct the position david birney says we stay newton i don't i i wanna concentrate on newton newton says what about if they try to cut our line did consider that john newton was really functioning as george meade's mouthpiece he had been appointed hastily to command the evening before command the i corps and everyone understood the john newton was speaking for me and newton rather timidly puts forward the idea well perhaps we should consider retreating well when all the other corps commanders compiling in on the opposite side of that proposition even newton decides that it's probably a good idea to go along with everyone else but newton is newton is very much out of his class along with all this others there are about fifty eight thousand men they figure that they have laughed and they know lease coming again in the morning and as the caps of quiet down for the night professor paints the scene which is horrible of the ambulance core of what he describes as snakes of light men holding lanterns weaving through the wounded who are still on the battlefield to remove what they can and get them to the high hospitals the amputations are going on piles of legs and arms all night they have no good for a first aid and a men who are got shot are just left to die there's nothing they can do for them they give them opium in the morning lease up any goes to gettysburg college which at that time is unknown as pennsylvania college he climbs the couple and what does he see professor he sees the army of the potomac on the ropes now the seven infantry corps of the army of the potomac well most of them are a wreck the first cores iraq the eleventh a ereck third cores ereck fifth a wreck six core meet needs that as reserve twelfth corps meet needs that to hold cult sale that leaves only the second corps and the second court self has been rather badly handled an entire division is gone and of the two remaining divisions there's really only two brigades each that are ready for combat lease deduction from these observations is let's weighed in with one last blow and that will stretch the army.

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