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So here's my example of the tells the don't like to work guys or it's basically That dog don't Hunt Guy. Okay I got my Guy Ozzie. Ozzie doesn't like to work. Everyone knows it but he'd evidently unaware that everyone knows it. He probably knows it. But I don't know of anyone I don't I don't know if he knows what other people no. I'm always kind of perplexed by people who don't know what other people know about them right and I don't know it's Kinda like people that are late all the time there late all the time. I don't really think they think the people around them. No they're late all the time but they know best that they're late all the time so. I was watching Ozzie. The other day he. He's working for me because he's no one else employment era egging me for job. You know what I feel. Sorry for him. But I'm explained you'll be half to work. I can't I can't have you doing and you do. And you do have a soft spot in your heart for them. Why is that? Is it just the history? Well I've known for a long time and Ozzie's like A. He's a broken down guy because he doesn't he doesn't know how to work or he doesn't work. He just Kinda ripped everyone off and whatever and so. Everyone has pushed ozzy out of their life in like so and so now he's sixty year old guy who's been pushed out and he doesn't really have any money. He's got a broken truck like I don't. He doesn't get a lot of repeat business and everyone who he knows. His pushed him out because of his horrible work because he doesn't work because of the speed that he works but he won't he won't modify that and he won't internalize it right but you still bring him. Well you know I see your sweet guy and I don't think anybody would ever say that but you are well. I don't want luck. Here's the deal. He doesn't not work completely. He works like forty. Six percent of what person would work. So what you do hiring guy with a handicapped so you you give Ozzy twenty five bucks an hour kind of eat it a little bit. I. It's not like he doesn't do anything. It's just kind of eat it because because of speak and and also you know and also aesthetic in design and things like that are all off all all off and you can't communicate with them so when you're telling him hey here we go now here. We go you know. So what is he doing right now for? You like what? What kind of job would you let him? Do I had them paint and doing some modest tape and some little rough plumbing stuff and he just slow the so I was watching. I was studying him like why. So the thing about guys don't like to work. They go slow and they try to make more work. So there's a couple of tells there's go out on runs when they go out on runs you go. What THE FUCK. What's taking so long in a where are they? That's number one number two. You can disagree with any of these frequent trips to the truck. Like he's going out to the truck to get his blah blah. He's coming back like a lot of walking back and forth. Yeah so buttering. There's muttering that goes with that. I was watching Ozzie. The other day just watching him and I saw him role in an outdoor trash can into the shop like you just rolled it in then. He took a smaller trash can. That wasn't even full. Had about half full but it had a lot of drywall. Dust and stuff at the autumn on it and he turned it over inside of the bigger can with the wheels on it from outside and it made a big plume of Drywall. Dust inside my shop. Obviously and I hate dust and I hate it when guys like take a sheet of plywood and then drop it and it just goes boom. There's dust everywhere right so I said I said is he shut the LID. Come on man. Don't they'll make a big plume of dust. I got cars and stuff in there but I was watching him and what he had done is the trash can with the wheels on it was outside was out in the parking lot right. He was inside with his trash. Can that had a little bit of drywall. At the bottom of it or whatever he walked outside got the trash can he had to open a rolling door right and openness rolling door. He won outside. He got the trash can he? Wheeled the trash can in. He emptied his trash came into it. Then he wield the trash can back out again and I thought wait a minute. A person that liked to work would just walk out which is bringing the trash can to the parking lot empty. It so is is. If it's as if for your for your kitchen trash you took the outside barrel wielded into the kitchen emptied it and then walked out and so he had to go outside. Come back go outside and come back again. He did fifty percent more than he would've just walked outside. And I wouldn't got the fucking dust plume inside the place we could have just walked out. The trash can emptied walked it back in now. Looks like they're taking the time for the for the trip back and forth to kill time in the day you say well think out your mindset. What else what? That's a little window in your mind right. Yeah IF SOMEBODY SAYS EMPTY. The trash can ninety nine percent of us just dragged the trash can outside empty comeback with an empty trash can. If you set the trash can go get the can wheel it an empty and then wheel it out again and then walk back again. You've just gone back to two more times than you need to do. What so what's going on with your head. It's not a better way to do it. It's just a way to do it. You know what I think it is. It's a life of hourly payment right right right because it's exactly it's get through the day it's exactly right. You're getting paid by the hour and you have to kill those hours as best you can right exactly all right now. The question is why. Don't they know what we know? I well because it's a because you can't. You can't elevate yourself when you can't elevate yourself out of hourly employment you learn to to act but we we have hourly guys kick ass but those are the guys that will ultimately become something else from the job that you've hired them to do now sell the others are just hourly dudes they just but they just work those hours and he's just like working or because they think that it's going to lead to something better thing. How work physical work that. I don't think people fully understand. Psychologically Physical Work Right. If you fight it it'll kick your ass. Lean into it. It'll work for you like explain that. Let me let me hear what you mean. There's like because I've lived both of it. I've lived it. I used to show up cockeyed. What time is it What WE GOTTA Win Launch? When's lunch come on? Can we take a break at ten? What time is it? What time is it like just staring at the clock and kind of trying to half ass it you know. I wanted to do comedy. I WanNa do something else. I was like I want to do something else and the work would kind of kick my ass. It's like it's like any good con. We'll tell you you do the time. Don't let the time to use and and make a shank those yeah good shop so it is certain points. I thought to myself you know what I'm going to get a Lausanne about this. I would like to be doing something else that is true. I'd like to be doing something creative or interesting or or comedic. I am not my lot in life is I have to get up and go to work tomorrow at a job site and you know what I'm going to be good at it. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA roll up my cords when I'm done. I'M GONNA put. I'm going to put their half inch or five sixteen inch drill bit back into the drill index. When I'm done not just throwing a pile you know. I'M GONNA end up my tools a little. I'M GONNA take my belt and get my bags outfitted so I have all that. I need my chock box and my compass and everything and you know what I'm GonNa take a little pride and we'll do it right and when I started doing that I immediately enjoyed it more and I stop staring at the clock and the day just sort of went by faster because I kind of leaned into it versus I got. I don't WanNa be here. And then ultimately gives you more time to pursue the other stuff because it's all compartmentalized and it. It gives you a schedule. That's that's that provides abundance when something else needed to try. I think I think it would be. It's really no different than exercise. Which is like instead of dread dread dread dread dread just lean into it a little bit and do it right if in fact you're GONNA if you've made the conceit that I'm going to run on the treadmill for twenty minutes a day every day instead of just dreading it pushing it back and it just fuck it. I'll doing the morning. Get it over with and then from the perspective of of working for someone. It's so obvious that those guys are the ones that you're gonNA lean into when you need something done which then ultimately leads to promotion which ultimately leads to everyone being fulfilled. Its so obviously when it's so obvious when you see those guys now I I know that thing. That's weird is they never see it? They never I there either. Unaware that you're aware of it or or they don't care all right. We got another question. teaser question man. I'll hit Tommy John but Tease your your question. The way that that inside that that was just discussed if you were to give that to a kid who is a about ready to go into college you know or starts a new life if they would just pay attention to that. That's everything he asks then. Unbelievable it's so simple but it's everything well ever. Everyone kind of spends a lot of time. I mean everyone's guilty of it going. We don't want to be here. I don't WanNa do this here. I don't WanNa do this and the answer is you are there and you are doing it today. Do it or you are there. And you're not doing it. And that's what provides discomfort misery to get used to doing things. Well Matt. I'm sorry my signal keeps cutting out here so Teasing a question. We have email quite show. What if what if what if came back on and said God. The Home Depot line was long. I'm sorry guys. I didn't mention the IT'S A concrete repair question. That's wrecked is it. A. What are we getting bids emails. What are we gonNA get a little bit of everything? This was an email question. The guy's got like four different pictures. That'll put up for you guys all right first. Let me hit Tommy John The lounge wear. I mean look guys going to be trapped in your house am I right or am I. Right hopefully doesn't go on that long. Get some Tommy. John Get the lounge. Wear it's comfortable the underwear great. The undershirts are great. What surely where my Taco Bell Shirt the lounge? That's not Tommy John. Wearing the T. I'm wearing the Tommy. John Underpants speaking exercise man. I hit that rowing machine for a half hour and night a workable up a little louder than I air. Dry My Tommy Johns and put them on the next day. Because I'm saving the environment. Man I need somebody say..

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