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Number three. Stephen hit head coach the head. Ahead. Geico Brian Brooks with the introduction of the last couple of members of Wayne Tinkle's starting quintet. Stephen Thompson junior. Twenty one point in the beavers victory against Cao. He had ten points in the victory down the road as well. As eight rebounds and six assists in the victory over Oregon on January fifth trays tinkle twenty eight points, eight rebounds and four says in the winning Eugene. From the free throw line the papers who's a team in the game were nineteen of twenty one second in the league in scoring twenty point five points per game. Ethan Thompson, our pregame show guests checks by one hundred ninety pounds sophomore. Thirteen point five rebounds, four assists, two steals and two blocks in the win in Eugene Zach Reichel who knows if the civil war well out of wilsonville high school sex by two zero five four four from the free throw line in the win in Eugene and Cuyler Kelly. Who is leading the pack twelve the conference in blocked shots for Oregon under ninth year. Head coach Dana Altman will Richardson, averaging six and a half points per game Lewis kings seventeen and ten against the beavers and outstanding talent number twenty player in the nation. According to twenty four seven sports out of Jersey City, New jersey and Hudson six nine to five averaging a team leading wealth and a half points per game. Peyton Richard four times state champion Westland. High school coming in the junior with back-to-back twenty point games. He struggled against the two of nine from deep in Eugene, Paul Whitehead a good game against the beavers, Matthew Knight arena. He's averaging ten point four points per game long athletic at six nine to thirty and speaking along outlet Kenny Wooten checks nine to thirty five. Former commit at Arizona state decommitted came to Oregon led the league. And in blocked shots last year. And. Having an outstanding season this year as well. The beavers wanting to tip and go to work against man to man on the game force possession before they sell out crowd. Ethan Thompson to the lane five Zack Reichel Jack comes down the paint and travels with the basketball with night on the shot clock. So the beavers in an auspicious start to the three hundred fifty seconds civil war turning the basketball over they had eighteen turnovers, but one in Eugene seventy seven seventy two and the beavers court zone, trout, Paul white spilling back court. Just does get a compat- and pressured in time to bring it across Pete Rose to Wooten who lays it in behind Cuyler Kelly against the beavers brass and Oregon gets out to turn over for the beavers and a shot at the rim for Oregon and the ducks in a full court press gave the papers fetched for four minutes. Gene. The beavers handle it cleanly here and are in front court down two to nothing. Trace tinkle. Five cutting Tyler Kelly at the rim to hand. And the game is even it two. Good action from trace tackle, the Cuyler Kelly and the papers go again into their full cordial pressure underneath the Kenny Wooten again website into the right quantity. Louis king high arch. Three out of the corner is good Louis. King puts Oregon up five to to the beavers again encounter Oregon's full court zone press the beach got a Dunkin their last possession after beating the prize. And now Stephen Thompson junior again brings it across the mid court stripe. Grows. Brother Ethan between the circles five to to Oregon Bennett a happen. Thanks for joining us with the three hundred fifty seconds, civil war. Jack Reichel froze right-wing to Stephen Thompson junior. Jab step for Stevie out to act with sex on the shot clock to trace thankful hit for threes. An Eugene hands to Stevie pulls for three right off. No, good Lowy. King tries to save it and does the ball in and out of his hands along the base. He was all by himself and nearly lost football out about five or to Oregon. What? Possession. Peyton Richard against the beavers man demand. Ethan Thompson guardian pressure. The ball goes the ball white. He's guarded by trace pickle point gap. Richard again, even Thompson on him mid post expanded to white back down trace tinkle little job book in the lane bounces around and falls in an Oregon is off to a good start offense to Blake leading seven two two three trips. Seven points. The papers in backward. Kick it ahead. Zack Reichel from tackle back to their trail man, trace deep three rattles in and out. No good. Paul white the rebound Oregon off to a good start gets it to Richardson will Blige in front of our vantage point court crouches. Trouble for Mike to laugh fires debate and pressure back to Richardson on the we've all white white troubles between the circles were fifteen on the clock. The beavers look for their for stop white throws to Richardson, bounces low post nearly traveled Walton double teamed up the low block, it's at a Richardson back to Kennedy in the lane nearly traveled on. Sponsored one on the shot clock. Paul white shirts. Thirty footer and it's a shot clock violation against Oregon. So the beavers were looking for their for stop. And they got it. As Oregon turns it over on the shot clock violations. Seventy-two Oregon.

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