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Fair in new york humidity is fifty two percent windsor variable five gusting to eighteen repeating the current temperature eighty four heading down to seventy eight in midtown into news time to fifteen now ten ten win sports from the wfan sports desk here's marco belletti well the yankees landed the first right hand in game one but the red sox then countered with a monstrous left hook swung on hidden in the field is gardner back on the track the wall is a grand slam home run gardner came back from a wall the baldwin over in the first row a grand slam home run for rafael devers and boston takes a four nothing lead rafael devers open the floodgates at grand slam in the first is a red sox pan of the eleven nothing johnson with the call on wfan sonny gray was flat awful six one seven hits in tune it third is era is now five point four four t worse at the stadium eight point two five and since joining the bombers last year is four starts against the red sox is equal to an era of nine point three five you on the other side chris sale was dominant one hit one walk eleven caves over seven well chris sale really good and on top of it tonight and they run out to a lead in in he's really attack aggressively there aaron boone on yes boston back in front of the division by one game meanwhile the mets continue to take the fast track to the bottom barrack loss rocco the mets june swoboda's hit rock bottom finish the worst june a fifty seven year history of the franchise five and twenty one after a five two loss to the marlins gary cohen the colonists and jacob degrom ran out of gas as he struck out eight over six innings of three run ball fell to five and four despite an era of one point eight four that's the best in all of baseball i'm definitely frustrating i'm frustrated without a win tired of losing to be honest everybody else is in here i'm sure is that's all we wanna do we came here to win baseball games or just not doing it for so we have to find a way to do that nat from wise demetre now tied with the marlins for last in the east paul george portland leaving the lakers at the alter the quarterly set to re with the thunder four years one hundred and thirty seven million kevin durant reportedly remains at the warriors two years sixty one point five million chris paul reportedly gets four years one hundred and sixty million he stays with the rockets the andre jordan reportedly to the mavericks and a one year deal locally nets reportedly resigned joe harris two years sixteen million world cup francis cape argentina four three uruguay over portugal one as messier rinaldo both shown the door and in the chicago edging nyc f c three two sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock marco balletti ten when sports.

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