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State in Vanderbilt. Parts of the state relates to the issues of fire Newsome says the current system forced PG, Anita. Seek bankruptcy protection as it faced liabilities and excessive thirty billion dollars from deadly fires in California's wine country part of his plan suggests discouraging new housing areas at high risk of wildfires. Stocks finished higher on Wall Street erasing, much of the week's losses. The Dow attitude hundred sixty nine points, this is NPR and this is KCRW at six thirty two. Good evening. I'm Steve tickets. Here's what's happening right now. The LA city council today voted to name the intersection of slauson avenue and Crenshaw boulevard in south LA as army or MIA'S, rather nipsy hustle Oscar dome square artists and landscape designer Anton Smith urged the council to vote yesterday. Smith is one of the folks trying to help revitalize the area around the park in the metro Crenshaw station near they're trying to make it more commercially viable, and he says the city has to do more for south Los Angeles than just renaming intersections since two thousand two hundred and forty people have been murdered in Hyde Park. Nipsy staff is the most recent of those murders within that intersection. I know personally three murders that have happened. At that intersection. I'm sure there are many more Smith is working on the destination Crenshaw, outdoor art and culture project. That hustle was helping to build. Not too far away from where he was gunned down on March thirty first shot outside his clothing store near that intersection. That now bears his name violent crime is he in the areas of frustration. Even mayor Eric are said, he has lamented calling it unacceptable. A growing number of LA sheriff's department employees who are accused of misconduct or being let off the hook without facing any discipline to Cording to a new report out from the department watchdog that says Undersheriff Alex van away of many internal investigations have been shut down. Here's KCRW. Carol sats men. The report by LA county's office of the inspector general says Forty-five misconduct investigations were inactivated in January and February that compares to just ten in the last quarter of two thousand eighteen mostly before via Nueva took over these cases involve everything from serious criminal offenses such as sexual contact with an inmate and domestic abuse to minor things like sleeping on the job. The inspector general found that in more than two thirds of new. Cases, the investigations were cancelled for reasons that did not conform with department policies in an addendum to the report. The sheriff's department said the inspector general offered only a superficial snapshot of the misconduct cases KCRW is Darrel Sassaman reporting. The report comes as Vienna. Wave battles with the LA county board of supervisors over the hiring of a deputy who was fired amid stalking domestic abuse allegations and others as well. He's rehired. At least a dozen half dozen half dozen deputies who were fired a fired excuse me.

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