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Her cypress park. Neighborhood. The ten year old was killed in a house fire her two siblings, a cousin and her mother were all taken to the hospital. So was her father who was critically injured while desperately trying to save her. Alexa, was found during entrance inside the home. Neighbors. Tell CBS to the youngster had been hit by a car seven years ago and had had to undergo multiple surgeries at the time to help her walk. She had just started fifth grade at a local elementary school. The delta fire near the California, Oregon border continues to rage out of control. It is earned more than forty and a half thousand acres since breaking out last Wednesday a number of evacuations are in effect and interstate five north of reading was shut down Friday. They're still assessing when it will be able to reopen. Even though we've had so many devastating fires. This season already are traditional wildfire season is really just getting started. The Cal fire says it's already running dangerously low on funding. It says it's down to the last eleven million dollars in its budget and is asking for an additional two hundred thirty four million. This marks the seventh year in the last ten that the agency has appealed to the legislature for more money. But Cal fire is Mike Muller says that play has never come this early in the year. We want to be a head of the game as far as budgeting getting vendors and contractors paid. But also, adding additional firefighters to the engines and key areas to respond to protect the citizens of California insists the public should not worry. We never get to the point that we are not going to respond to fires. We will be there. We will be responding. Cal fire says it spent four hundred thirty two million dollars. Getting through. What's been the worst pre-september fire season in the state's history brain paying KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio keeping an eye on tropical storm Florence which could be a mess for southeastern states. But and we'll have that story in a couple of minutes. But right now, we're keeping an eye on the roads, it's five thirty five. Traffic.

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