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Both teams are good and i also think a lot of people are underestimating what san diego chargers can do they had a lot of injuries last year lost the latah close games they've got talent on both sides of the ball and i'm not saying that the broncos are going to lose tonight but this division is stacked top to drawing it visu at where you need the best player the broncos don't at quarterback they've got the force fourthbest starting quarterback in the division whether it's a brock or trevor it doesn't matter which one so i mean that's an issue in its jerry it's how many times is brock osweiler showed intentionally on the broadcast nine too many that's good that's their first sideline camera angle craig texan i've been crying all weekend about how you feel about the uh it aegis randomly tech said hey guys i've been crying always you know what i'm most worried about uh tj ward brought some teeth to the defense now we can see here in argue all day long whether who's better simmons parks tj we can we can argue this all they long but the fact of the matter is having tj ward over there on the defense brought a little bit of teeth and i also think that he was one of those guys it was able to keep it a key in line a little bit you know what i mean he he would they were both kind of more yang than yin but i think they kind of could work with each other and i don't think that there's that guy on the defense now except maybe possibly vaughn miller that can have any say onto what a key to leave does which might be an issue i went back and i looked at okay'd the playoff teams from last year what do they have in common how good or their quarterbacks houggard the running back because i think we would all none of us would deny that damaris thomas and emmanuel sanders is one of the most talented receiving course yeah for sure they have their issues but dared talented i feel like that's a good group for the denver broncos we would agree that even with their problems against the.

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