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You how. About this one here This. Ball somehow the Paul basketball So this story here from. W. d. r. b. dot com So Louisville Kentucky this is the dateline former Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino was a central figure in the recruitment of Brian Bowen as early as two thousand fifteen working with the former agent to. Arrange of visit to campus and. Discussing fears at other schools we're trying to pay Bowen's family the. Paul trying, to pay two, hundred thousand, dollars to. Come here Patino sex then assistant coach Kenny Jonsson crazy world The text and other documents related to Pacino's alleged direct recruitment of Bowen working with the former agent is included in court documents in lawsuits the coach and school. Have filed against each other in. The wake of Tinos termination in October the polls trying to pay. Brian Bowen, two hundred thousand, dollars according, to Patino Oh Well, again this is Richard Tito scientists about the Paul coach. Late, oh do you have any thoughts on? That Totally, unfounded there too early and founded there Wow that's something. Throwing the ball on the bus like that Okay On sex coach later. Later San Francisco squalor city streets strewn with trash needles and. Human feces The same Cisco streets are so filthy that at least one infectious disease expert has compared the city to, some of the dirtiest slums in the world CBC.

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