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And for that he has been sentenced to twenty four months in jail twenty six months in jail yeah yeah Republican from Schenectady you're very upsetting court the wheat we court congressman Lou is trending in lieu of humor so they've got a lot of stuff that they're releasing going after Devin Nunez member Devin AS like I've never met last part I we have beaming met like I'd like mad I I know you said leads you me let yeah I know that guy god yet on over the Google national treasure three is in the works long with bad boys for the peacocks streaming service excited about that big time I'm the I don't know I have not bought one service for a show but now the family guy has moved over to NBC which has Hulu and it's gonna leave box if they move that to the streaming service only and that's the only way to see if I may purchase that Alan Dershowitz because joining the team of trump and Betty white because turned ninety eight years young today let's talk about that with little Betty white right she's she's been around for a bit she says she shares a birthday with some other people they're famous including Jim Carrey James Earl Jones he's got to be up there too I think James is I'm gonna say eighty four eighty nine hold by someone so close so close kids but show far away this is more about Betty white she was born Betty Merion white January seventeenth nineteen twenty two so let's just think this the first World War was a few years pass and she was still well over a decade plus away from the second World War born in Illinois moves Los Santos through the Great Depression she got her first start on radio but her first regular job was as co host of Hollywood on television variety show that aired six days a week in the forties she's beautiful by the way I mean look at now she still you know ninety eight she was married three times her third husband al one whom she met on password died before their eighteenth anniversary in nineteen eighty one she was the array as she was originally cast as man hungry Blanche on the golden girls but they change roles with rue McClanahan I love Betty white right she's an animal lover been involved in all kinds of things including working at the LA soon the Morris animal foundation for over forty years sure ninety eight today Michelle Obama Happy Birthday to you former First Lady still looking good out there doing thank site about football this weekend on ylighting home plant is going to be give me good weekend how may give me a break down football stuff with it later three two three five three twenty four twenty three hatchet Benson shows your Twitter feel free to tweet at me got to be a you know I we talk about like guns here a big rally in in in what's going on in Virginia and you got all of these things are happening in guns we worry about guns but you know the is the flu still nasty and we're in the midst of the season the good news influenza like illness was high in thirty two states in the second week of January but the number of cases were down from the previous week it's still unclear if the.

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