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The Hollywood Babylon version of Wally and Dorothy story never mentions the railroad accident or many of the other fascinating aspects of Reed's life and career. It mainly focuses on the idea that reads wife got rid of him and then capitalized on his death. What's interesting about this version of the story? It's not the inaccuracies so much as the knee jerk, sexism, Hollywood, Babylon, and the gossip. Lineage at anchors is supposed to be about speaking truth to power or revealing the subversive truth that the dominant culture doesn't want us to know. But what could be more in keeping with the dominant culture then shaming a self sufficient creative woman as professional widow, enshrining her. As the earth Yoko Ono or Courtney Love's again. And again, Hollywood. Babylon teaches us that women who show any sort of independence are not to be trusted in that sense. It's often much muster than the scandals at stretching up. Next week we will discuss how all of the scandals we've covered over the past few weeks led to the institutionalizing of censorship in Hollywood. Join us, then won't you. Thanks for listening to you must remember this. Today's episode was written narrated and produced by Karina, Longworth. That's me. Our editors are Sam dingman and Jacob Smith. Our research and production assistant is Lindsay d Schoenholtz. Our social media assistant is Brendan Whelan. Original music was composed for this season by Evan viola, and our logo was designed by teddy blanks special. Thanks to our special guest, Mark Olson who read from the pages of Hollywood Babylon, Marcus appeared on this podcast. Several times he played Val Luton and Walt Disney for more information about this episode and other episodes, please go to our website. You must remember this podcast dot com. Tom, very, you'll find show notes for every episode which include links to our sources. If you like the show lease, tell anyone you can any way that you can. You can follow us on Twitter at remember this pod, and we're on Facebook and Instagram, too. And if you are a fan of this podcast, perhaps you'll also like my new book, it's called seduction. Sex lies and stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood. It comes out on November thirteenth, but you can pre-order it now at Amazon dot com or Harper Collins dot com. We'll be back next week with an all new tale from the secrets and or forgotten histories of Hollywood's. First century join us then won't you good night.

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