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Biz talk radio Plan. Your perfect getaway you're listening to vacation with the, Griswold, with Stephen, Lisa griswald I we are back and we've. Got Merrill Lynch she is. With charisma, resorts welcome. Back Maryland Thank you so much okay so we. Kind of figured out over. The break, that Heading. Over to Mexico and covering Riviera Maya is not going. To be the best thing we need to, dedicate an entire show to Riviera, Maya so we're going, to hold off on that but we were talking. About. Nickelodeon we love that. Resort. And there's something new on the horizon for Nickelodeon right Absolutely we have a Nickelodeon resort opening up in the Riviera Maya. Summer of nineteen it's going to, have under three hundred sweet small and intimate and it's gonna have Mexico's. Largest. Waterpark. Right next door bowling Nickelodeon themed we mentioned the orange Nickelodeon blimp apple. Intifada well. At. Nick Riviera Maya you're actually going to be able to see that blimp directly from the highway so it's. Going to be attraction but they're only going, to limit the waterpark to guest, of the hotel wow okay that's good that. Keeps other out and makes it a little more exclusive that's good absolutely and for people that. Because we do a lot of Disney shows and. Orlando shows this Nickelodeon is nothing like if you remember. The Nickelodeon in Orlando which was not very, well received did not have certain, standards at the Orlando, the one in Punta Cana is a totally different, thing And it's it's absolutely amazing yeah so yes You you can't associate the. Two, locations Nickelodeon that we experienced. Was, amazing so I'm. Looking forward to another Nick that makes me happy that's good summer of nineteen. You could actually bring the kids. Maybe one time I'll leave me. Alone Doing. A girls weekend with Four people. There were four, of us we were working. Eleven ten or eleven resorts. You guys stayed at Nickelodeon it says. Something it does say. Something thank you very much and if I went, back and did it again I. Would stay at Nickelodeon. Again. That's that's. Pretty impressive, yeah so okay, as we as I said we're going to try and get us. Much information in this segment, we just kind of, I we touched on neck but let's go to new grill and we'll, cover Mexico, in another episode the grill, and they. Have resort there Chrismas resort it is as, will be resort..

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