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And tried to instill this idea that starbucks is a place where anybody can come where they don't discriminate where they don't kick people out and so on and so forth so there is it's very ironic that this would happen at a starbucks obviously there's one hundred and seventy five thousand us employs one of them could have some racial bias i mean nobody really knows what happened you know with that person actually saturday dead but instead instead of saying oh you know it's just a little thing we'll get over at he stops the whole company he says stop stop we can't have this we're going to spend four hours going through this this is not like one of those things you can do and a half an hour on on on a computer this is like back and forth conversations groups large groups speeches from common giving them examples of racial bias or examples of what to do if somebody's in your store and they won't leave and you know to gillette them or should you try to escort them out and if you need to escort them out how do you do it in the list of way and a lot a lot so joe a lot of the columns we talk about our critical of things or take a view that's a little bit negative let's say you're a column says that what matters most is at starbucks and scholtz keep trying you can call that naive if you want i call it a beacon of hope in a cynical world that says a lot you know i like all americans i like things to be better howard would like things to be better you can question some of the things he's done to make them better but you can't question the way he's used the platform of starbucks the power of starbucks the brand of starbucks to bring forward a set of ideas that he thinks are important that could help the country joe thanks so much that's joe nocera a columnist for bloomberg opinion coming up on bloomberg opinion why the us needs better missile defense i'm june grasso the art and antiques were hello it's me the designer jeans and the back of your closet what happened to us a lot longer join us now at.

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