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York all right as we reset so we have open lines at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six and you know football tomorrow then I I was very critical of the fact that seven times this year the jets and giants are playing a one o'clock on Sunday knows much as I like one o'clock at Sunday for football it means that one teams are playing together you can't watch either team as closely as you want to watch it unless you had a videotape one games on videotape it's DV are now digital but you know unless you put one on the DVR and try to avoid the score which is almost impossible I mean they're always running that crawl beneath the screen you know from watching the jets game all the judges scored O. okay in you know you you know the score and when you watch the game and you already know how it turns out it's like watching a mystery and you know who the killer is already it's there goes the suspense so that's not too good by tomorrow yeah all right so if your jet fan watches Jack came drive that watch the giant game and then after that you've got cowboys and patriots so you've got a team that the giants fans take the cowboys and it seems that the jets fans hate in the patriots so pick your poison there that should be a good game you've got sea hawks eagles you've got saints Panthers and a night game the Packers and the Niners that's a terrific game because you got a nine one team going against me to team at a team that with Aaron Rodgers the established quarterback a team now the place of defense and the Niners were undefeated until Seattle knock them off last week you know a team that young team that needs to kind of prove themselves and a quarterback in garage below who has certainly not attain the status there and Rogers as yet that should be a good one so you've got good games and that's the one advantage that football seems to have over baseball because as much as I love baseball it is my favorite sport to watch if it is in a local team that I've got interest stand Ellen it's the regular season analysts say it's the Dodgers playing the Astros we not gonna watch it I'm probably not going to pay a lot of attention to that now the playoffs I might but certainly during the regular season I wouldn't wear as I'm I'm looking forward to the Packers Niners kind of more so than I am on the local teams so football has done a great job add to finding a way to make it you know more than just a regional or a local sport okay let's go to Sammy and Pittsburgh to kick off this segment you're on the fan Sammy good morning Richard both your guests that you just had on a plant that worse as usual I just like to chime in on the Mason Rudolph situation I played division two football which is pretty good and I was a quarterback and in any football play usually when a tackles made you just lay there for a second let somebody get off what quarterback gets tackled and moisture and that's we try to do this pain K. Kim and if you see the film closely where Mason is turning to his left to levy a weight of him and they both fall almost perpendicular side by side and not a more and as he was driving too much him that's when the quarterback automatically says okay I'm Marty made a bad play because I got sacked with the ball so one man had and I'm also upset this person is trying to hurt me with seconds left in the game that was already decided and of course Richard absolutely and I agree with you a hundred percent but it's it doesn't matter you're in a game and when you get tackled as a quarterback your first reaction is get off me now so if you're not moving fast enough for me I am and I have in the past and have him thrown at me he was struck by the helmet but one was thrown at me during a game and of course she was ejected suspended for several games during scenes and I just thought that if you look at the film closely chest at the chapel then you clearly see well it you see how things get out of hand and look emotions get the better of all of us at times I mean I I've tried my whole life to control these things and say and I don't get angry okay dead short lets people given the benefit of the doubt turn the other cheek but they're just sometimes when you when when you don't think you know when you don't have that calm of the ability to say okay here I am it doesn't matter of somebody cuts me off in traffic so why not get there ten seconds later no big deal and then you know there's a time when you know I'm late I'm late I'm late and somebody cuts and you know now with with these crazy things happening you know you gotta think K. if the other guy's got a gun look out so you know you don't know who's button you're pushing so it's one of those situations where the heat of the battle things got bad and when you read somebody's almond often try to kill a more that and I think the punishment is well deserved here let's go to Bob in Commack here on the fan Bob Robert are you there I guess not let's try John and with any of them John you're on the fan good morning Richard twenty job I'd like to get your thoughts about the MVP award to Mike trout especially over break men were with the Astros and the theory seems to be at least popular among many people including voters obviously that if someone is clearly the best player by all kinds of analytic and W. A. R. statistics then that person is therefore the most valuable player in that league and in the past that was not the case is usually remember if that were true then Joe DiMaggio in the American League and Stan Musial in the National League should've won almost every MVP in nineteen forties or two I'll hang up and here I thought well yeah well I think you're seeing a very different criteria for sci young for MVP for hall of fame now I mean there's controversy now of will Derek Jeter get and unanimously and way I've heard collars and sell a cada before I came on he doesn't deserve it he wasn't that good and if the the mind geo and Babe Ruth and all these guys didn't get in you now know why should he well now all V. theory is with voters if the guy deserves to get and your vote form you don't say well I don't want to get in the first ballot or I don't want him to get him main unanimously because someone so didn't they just say you deserve to get in here and and I think that's the case with them the pain now if you were the best player in the league you have the MV pain whether your team wins or not and look at cy young Jacob the gramas one twenty three games yeah but it's in two years SO winds are not the important thing it's wet yes he are a it's all the other factors that they come into it and in a way it's fair and in a way it's not fair because you have guys the contributed teams that win and without them they wouldn't win they wouldn't be champions would be division champs are conference chancer league champs or world champs and they're playing under constant pressure every day where if you plan for a team that is going no where yeah I I you know the pressures pressure you put on yourself but it's not like you're in a penetration Godwin Godwin Godwin every day so I thought I think the criteria are different it's the way it's going to be now war is going to be the important thing but in terms of value to the team now the guys that are planned for a for the big box and for everything is arm are more important I would say let's go to Vincent in Manhattan your on the fan Vincent how you doing Richard Stevenson I call one to you for one reason and that's why the hunger and your good friends over there since the unit will call why hunger I have called them yeah okay do you ever say I'm a senior citizen disabled can you help me out with some additional food and they tell you sure they give you a list okay change in Manhattan slash yeah I spent part of the muscle security worries pantries cell would call back kids smell I'm not saying this is what their friends really do okay well thank you for the call Vincent's well look what they do is they formal you to places that can help you now if you go to one in a particular neighborhood that is populated by whatever you want to call the people that you see they're getting food all right they have to eat you half the eight AM so I I I I don't know what your point is that these people don't deserve to have food and that's not the only thing they do they funnel money to various organizations that educate that help people get out of poverty now if you feel that the system is being abused then you should contact the White hunger and tell them Hey this food bank isn't doing what they're supposed to be doing but if they're giving food to people who need food that's that's part and parcel of what they're supposed to do feed the hungry now that's not all they do they do much much more than that and they do much better working trying to keep this cycle from being a perpetual loop but you know where if somebody needs food now you can't say well no you have to go to class first you know they have to feed them when they have to feed them let's go to jail on Long Island you're on the fan J. good morning are you going today yes go ahead Jay his mouth Gary and Google situation he was saying is only ten seconds left like why are you you know trying to settle quarterback a four way locks I think is what wasn't the quarterback trying to pass the ball yeah no so the question is trying to tackle the quarterback it's a question of trying to hurt the quarterback you know it's one it's one thing if you're trying to sack the guy you don't want you know if you don't want to score they're trying to win you're trying to win the games over essentially there's no way the Steelers are going to win that game five yeah he's got a right to tackle one it's just that you don't you you know it's like when you take the the victory position on the quarterback meals the a a few years ago there was controversy that guys would jump over the line and try to claim the quarterback is like Hey game is over we're we're given up here don't don't you know but I'll tell you what that was going on Democrat but I have a they have all the producers and recited scrap gold reporter that's right they're working very well with somebody help I would often try to kill no farmers are successful from when you ordered Sir generally refers only backed up you're you're gonna push back and one guy had it what the ball club all folder we know all right if someone has a lot on your for your money what's holding holding your arm is always available to be right now okay J. J. look the bottom line here and I I you know I don't know how long we're going to go with this mask thanks but look both guys were wrong both guys were fine one guy was suspended indefinitely and it's it's a it's a situation of the greater San that's one thing you can say well somebody said something to provoke it somebody started doing something to provoke it but once you rip somebody's helmet off and try to hit him with it that's an assault eight seven seven three three seven.

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