Barclays, Exxon, Underweight discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak


An end gm around seven thirty wrapping things up over at barclays in the energy space chevron was upgrade its overweight what exxon was downgraded so underweight and micron upgrade greatest overweight over act he'd bank by from the breaking news desk i'm bill maloney here all right thanks bill and here live breaking news over here bloomberg type squawk on your terminal s q u a w k now let's get some reaction to the global sell off in stocks beginning in the currency space earlier this morning we spoke with rebel bank head of fx strategy jane foley and here's what she had to say we look at the corner basically what it here on the planet could tools weekly cook who murky markets i think we see something really quite interesting in that is emerging market ethic is holding up pretty well considering the signs of the decline in equity market toco at booed now we all know that if we work to have a very significant of bone equipment t a significant hike in in the us jonathan than we would happen a lot more appealing on not seen anything like that and i think until when reading these defeat much us legislation much tighter expectations regarding fed policy i think me khamzat it took assists in place as jane solely head of fx strategy at rival bank we also heard from peter garnering head of equity strategy it sucks oh bank in copenhagen this morning he's calling to sell off a technical correction that was accelerated by sure to volatility fun multiple driver to a new markets door to with quotas the fun go that are driving the married you have the twotier atp funds that have a crash in the automotive trading if quota spread some unwinding significantly from current levels i thing we will have things to contain because i think that that is really something that would tell you that these are the more than just technical he's in the state and the nick leeson general and then something pulled a with economy but judging from and with reacting to tie you'll created a cetera eighteen like people are viewing this as a technicality inequities peter garnering at sochaux bank volatility again in the futures market this morning s p futures they were up more than one.

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