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When it was being built and when when the decision was made to build it there was a lot of criticism it cost a lot of economists lots of money taxpayer money critics feared that it would end in disaster everybody thought well of people thought it would be unprofitable and underused and would also take business away from other theaters well seven years later salt lake city and salt lake county officials are thrilled to see the george s and dolores nora eccles theaters firstyear revenues booming more than doubling budget projections in two thousand seventeen the first full year of operation the theater was projected to return about one point three million in revenue after expenses but it produced more than two point six million that's according to an uninhabited re revenue numbers that the deseret news got from the salt lake mayor's office so everybody's saying that that they're hitting it out of the ballpark right now and it hasn't it hasn't affected other theaters in terms of you know there are different things well there's you know and it's it's that theory of i talked to somebody about this in the restaurant business a long time ago and there was just like one restaurant on the street and i taught was talking to the person in renton in a new restaurant came in and i said oh competition does not bother have no absolutely not the more restaurants the better really because people then start coming to the restaurants and they say well i'm gonna go that one maybe i'll try this one said and so i think it's the same thing a lot of times in business a rather than this taking business away from other theaters the theater community is booming now because and it's all blooming and being even more active because of this success allison mack smallville actress and i think that's really her only claim to fame kinda she is she's pled not guilty in open court to sex trafficking they arrested her on friday yeah this is a weird sex cult this holzer's yeah she was arrested for her role in sick a sick upstate sex cult called nexium prosecutors allege he recruited slaves to sleep with the group's leader and held him down while they were branded near their pelvic area or in their pelvic area with his initials a gaunt disheveled allison mack appeared in brooklyn federal court on friday.

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