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What i'm saying is that what i'm trying to say at this jazz team has more proven talent right now then we knew that ravens team at right in the quarterback with macallen you think macau grad cow vulgar i chris rig me and yet agar is chris regret mid idealism any cow slim for the quarterbacks i play where i i understand your kabul and chris redman but how bowler athlere all aka asni right right chris redman jeff blake ju your wife or hands what but i can but but here's the port you can referenced that team and who you played with and how you surprised guys all you want and that could be a nice rallying cry for the jet i could bring up many of an example of guys that were unknown that weren't that talented than head had a bad years as he expected in bed years debra clayton browse were expected to be bad last year they stunk is all about effort though that's what i'm saying nfl you can win a couple you could win one or two games with effort and a fumble here a balance here team throughout waiting until you five you're you're when fivegame what do you wanna put on whatever you want to put you want to put a box of raise raising its let's put a stack that is that's who taught this law by go god live there as it has put us stack a stack of wh oh my god to we get could we could get an urban translator in here key tell what a stag is somebody in a bag toma male what a status that raise the nazi never heard of well it's not it's raise in that ran the only the only stack our no it would be a stack of bills right how much is a step one day thank you put a thousand dollars i mean bart aldermen are looking at the material i'm looking at the material survey that shirt met his egyptian cotton right there may got that money all we don't be front new got that money both got a couple of.

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