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He for she at its cool is about inviting men and boys in agendas agenda sustained alongside women gals to be allies in creating true societies of equality. And so. that's actually what has been really remarkable is the wo- did respond and indeed millions of lesser than saved. But it's been the communities themselves that have violated and said you know we wanna be passive. This and i can give it very quick example. One of those really remarkable stories is what happens in malawi is small african country where the mill ships ended up waking with a few more chips to announce twenty thousand child marriages and send the girls back to school. In addition to lobbying the government actually outlawed marriage which is now happened in malawi but again it shows the power of the community to actually applied themselves out of poverty and address this global inequalities that we face that was a really prominent example in a book. I think that you write about. Can you speak a little bit more about child. Marriage in malawi like how it affects people and what the traditional view of that was before he for she really propelled it into different direction. I'm like so many other countries in the well. Drives you know child marriages being accustomed for many communities and even the ads are interesting instead. Reality that john. Austin talk about is how even in the united states of america they is no federal law outlawing child marriage and facts in more than forty five states in the. Us young girls are being married as young as four years. old right. And so what malahide did is truly a remarkable story because they is a small advocate country which you know many gills getting married before the age of eighteen end. There was a bit of resistance to change because it's been the culture and it's been the gnome and what we so wait before he for she was just incredible..

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