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A five five two three six thirty two twenty eight that is a five five two three six thirty two twenty eight Karen calling from Hilo Hawaii harried and Karen go for it hello hello hello how are you am I really talking to Ben Shapiro you are indeed I am here you have reached me well I've been a baseball reader of yours the listener of your clips and everything that come on Facebook and I can't believe I'm actually talking here well I appreciate it thank you so much so what's on your mind well I mean I live in Hawaii more a little bit off from what's going on on the mainland but I guess I just don't understand why president trump has not put a kibosh on all of what's been going on the leading the right enough Malik yeah and so I was wondering your take on that it just has left me kind of with a lot of questions yeah I mean I I think that the answer is no it honestly that the first line of defense in all these cases the mayor is the mayor the governor and present acted late on this and I think everyone every public and does this for me for a week the president basically sat in the basement and put it and everybody who's on the right was that wait a second here is captain macho over here he's constantly saying he's going to be one order guy and treating lawn or in going to do it right ankle to wrist weeding out you know in the middle of the track maybe he'll tweet again at some point the president was supposed to come out like the first twenty four hours and say we understand that police brutality is something that we all want to want to curb and stop the American police are are not systemically racist they're not bad people there the vast majority of them are heroes and if there's writing including I'm making all the resources of the federal government available to mayors and and two governors if this crap doesn't stop inside seventy two hours and invoking the insurrection act because arm our major cities cannot be curfew or burn this is insane I guess what people are waiting for that sort of strong action and he didn't take that action now the riots and looting seemed to have calmed down for the most part and if you look at states like Georgia obviously the governor of Georgia is Republican right camp and so if if there's writing in Atlanta then first first opportunity to do something about it goes to the Republican governor but yeah as far as like Washington state in Seattle at some point the president probably is going to have to do something there I mean if the Washington dot org the very least you should be out there saying why do the washing up like my federal troops are right here and that the National Guard right here why is the Washington otherwise from not making an issue of this is what is really the it's political malpractice frankly not a country that is rife with rioting and looting for a week and then sort of dies down then you have an entire new Republic set up in the center of Seattle and the president has his campaign this is his campaign would you like chaos would you like one of my friends are selling here because last several weeks have been democratic governance to the nines are you really enjoying this and instead the president tweeting about how does like John Bolton as it is now practiced political malpractice exactly I've been going the same way it kind of left me a lot of questions about the next election cycle yeah I mean I listen I think in a lot of Republicans and I'll end up coming home right a lot of Republicans will say listen at least in gonna be by reading the democratic governance here isn't what are people like him to go to the polls is the enthusiasm super high right now I would I would say not I mean I've been seeing people live in a long time trump fans who are who are saying like we're easy this is not what we what we bargained for like all of his cheek again that doesn't mean you should vote for him and I'm planning on voting for but it does mean that the at the idea that that trump has got his base salary behind it at this point it is not what the polls are showing that is dangerous for him he's trailing in nearly every swing state he's running dead even in places like Texas if we get this kind of result it's a disaster for him and just ask for the Republican Party he was Arizona it was not cut he's trailing in Arizona he's trailing in North Carolina he's trailing in Florida is now trailing in Michigan he's trailing in Pennsylvania he's trailing in Wisconsin and he's running dead even maybe trailing in Ohio I mean those are bad bad results you lose the Senate and you lose the presidency to the Democrats and things get extraordinarily ugly yeah I mean I don't get a pricing but this is why he has to do a better job you cannot do this I appreciate the call Karen I hope you're at least enjoying the pandemic life over Hawaii I never gonna be locked down anywhere seems like why might not be a bad place to go we're doing really well with co bad so we're we're off from on that and our beaches are open in our park so it's possible okay well that is good that is good I appreciate a character thanks so much for calling D. entering California adventures are the forty under Hey man I can hear you just fine Hey so just real quick I'm a walk or sponsor California anesthetic good question I want to say that I love your work what you do and you and have you heard about the Bakersfield police officer that on admin leave over a photo that was from the yearbook in high school where he wore a black base I'm not saying it's right but this is what happened when he was in high school and I was the one who deemed racist after tying for FNCB time no I Allen and Robert Downey junior have done I've done things like this but now.

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