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Can i stay out of this bernie. I got this. I don't know what you're swipe left's or swipe right. But i just want you to be in fighting shaped by the time of the fight. They gotta stay tough. Yup i will be rocko. I'm working on it. You know mental preparation to and stuff an object. Keep my swiping fingers strong. You're gonna work out you're swiping face. Stay out just. Maybe somebody pick somebody. That doesn't look like this is going to be your first fight first. Big what so. Maybe it doesn't even come or somebody that doesn't have know bent knows i. I'm sorry. Look where we got bernie in rocco in stupid fight a Stupid russell imitators rocco. You know there's just as much as i do. You got two weeks left on this property before my and my family. I take it over. You understand look dominic this kennedy special. This has got to be something different. Okay at figure out how to use this goddamn app. He's gonna he's gonna get a fight setup and the money's gonna bear all a Loved she huckabee. boasts knows. That ain't gonna happen. This is gonna turn into a subway sandwich. Okay that's what i was gonna ask. Hey babe before you head out to the beach Do you know that your phone is hooked up to your ipad. And do you know that your ipad has left out now on the bed. Stand because you were reading last. Stop no no no no. That's what i'm trying to say so to say like the cash about this. No no no no no. I was rolled over to your side of the banks. Don't wanna smell your pillow. Because you know i can't get up in the morning without really bringing you in. I know that gross you out but it's the truth. Thank you for just selling my pillow and not meat. Good god and then i looked over are the best thing. 'cause my i saw something light up and it was your ipad and saw are so you had a match. I thought we were off the apps you know. I had light up all the time and that and that's on invitation. Ready to go and look at my ipad was. It's not invitation. No okay and thought we were off the apps. I thought when we first time. Don't call it was please. Don't calling it was y- We can tell a check out. Any pat here So you wanted to transfer any notifications on this app to your phones. All right sir. Yes thank you are genius. Thank you Okay it says fingerprint. Id can use Use that if you can just feel like so. Thanks so much dude. I'm gonna go look at the cases just all the information from this from this to this foreign i'm gonna look at the cases decided using your thumbprint. You can use use yours or whatever. No i can't i need years. I got his risks. Okay with the folks going on here get your finger out key linger out. What do you do what is this can't be part of the bar. Where the genius bar. So the breitbart comes over and helps out sometimes when you old precious bring against okay okay. Access denied Maybe you know maybe we just press too hard. Do you want to punch. it's my it's my love love of my life this her ipad. I'm one of those guys today. okay. I don't feel good about myself but i'm one of those guys today. You guys can understand. Come on genius brute the set tenterfield what. We're we have a writing match. yes i know. i know. i'm just hours it already time. We said that we'd meet here at the denny's at three. I just wanna make it. I don't want to fight here. You got to be honest. I did not realize what i was getting into. There's all the different choices its relationship. It's friendships denny's can a party to Yes yes please tell. Please tell me you're here to eat. You're not gonna fight in the parking lot. I don't like fighting don't you. Can you can eat or ninety. Please don't fight in the parking lot. We had another table of yours. Fight the parking lot doctor. I'm sorry why does it come out of my paycheck greg. You know how this works. All right lift people at the table. You serve gets fed by us and then goes out and fight in our parking lot. That's your fault you. I mean how you calculating the damage. Oh if somebody scratch on them in our parking lot. We can be sued greg. Look somehow the word got out there that this denny's has just a good parking lot for for impromptu bare knuckle fights okay. I'm looking at the sheet here and it seems like a lot of your tables fight. I got gotta suspicion that you're working with tinder in order to get things going. What no great. So you're bernie's your coach or trainer. Is that right. yeah. I coach i start. Oh hi we wanna talk to you. I'm looking for the best in the city. I'm the best trainer in the city. He's allowed her though. He's a lot louder lock. I'm betta we work together though. We're a package deal. Okay so hire me. You work with bernie as well. I've got a terminal disease. That's gonna kick in any minute now. So i'm going to hand over the business bernie when i kick it all right. Yeah we can put sandwiches there. We could put the bread rockall. You're looking at other fighters. i mean. We're foot all this time together. You're looking for new fighters don't have faith in me. Look kid you still have a master that app. Okay swipe and you're swiping but you're not you're not clicking on on anyone trying to decide between the ultimate mahler and this girl named lisette. I'm not sure which is the way to go. I let me say. Let me see your profile go okay. Five foot two ninety five pounds reach of eleven inches. Here's ultimate mall. I think you can win this one. I think you can win this bus. Bus looking over the The data today for what. I do here at tinder. You know Kim across something interesting. I don't want to get into your time. You're looking at the data of what we do. Here at timber. Yeah was i not allowed to do that. So you've you've seen inside. Yes okay. i didn't want. I knew that you guys are doing fighting. I was like that doesn't make sense. And then when i looked at the data that ninety four percent five close it or closer at ninety four percent of fights end in a romantic match. Yeah yeah i know. I know it's perfect. It's perfect amir means can't express love unless it's through inc. It's amazing. I mean the data was always there for us always. Oh we should know how to tapping greg. I'm not switching sections with you okay. I'm not switching.

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