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Komo news time five oh, five state. Lawmakers are moving to once again allow school districts to go back to voters requesting higher Levy amounts schools argue they need the additional tax revenue, but some lawmakers say that enough is enough more from komo's Carleen Johnson. Well, the goal of the mccleary education. Funding sued was to force the state to fully fund education taking the pressure off districts and local levies to pay for basic, Ed, but say at school superintendent, Chris reykdal tells lawmakers once again, they need to allow the district's to ask voters for higher taxes and lift the Levy Lynn when you move levies down dramatically and didn't ask the voters locally. Do you want a billion dollars, which you voted for to go away? I don't think that's the right thing to do. And then you should give them that opportunity. Republican Senator John Brion who voted against the Levy left. Bill tells KOMO the district's put themselves back in this position by giving teachers huge pay increases digits and sometimes over twenty percent increases in teacher salaries. That's the real problem with her budget. Not because they have last month. But a measure that would allow property tax hikes by essentially undoing the local enrichment Levy limit has passed out of committee. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. People rallied outside the state capitol yesterday calling on lawmakers to pass a law requiring public schools to offer sex education is that requires schools to report on the sex education, they're providing so we can guarantee that every student has the same access to education for guardless zip code or restrictive policies in their school district right now a Bill requiring sex education is being considered in a Senate committee. It would also allow parents to up their child out of that class new legislation in Olympia aims to solve an ongoing problem the growing backlog of untested rape kits. More from komo's Gabe Cohen house. Bill eleven sixty six would create a survivor Bill of rights that among other things would require all rape kits. Be tested within forty five days right now that can take more than a year to get that done state patrol would receive thirteen million dollars over the next two years to build a new. Lab at scientists and ramp up testing that could end the backlog by twenty twenty two Representative Tina or wall is sponsoring the Bill the big game for this. As a say, you know, what we're never going to have kids sitting dusty on a shelf again right now the question is will it make it through the house appropriations committee where it currently sits? So we'll be heard before the cut-off. Yes. Representative Tim Ormsby chairs the committee and scheduled a Bill hearing for next week. The measles outbreak in Clark county may have peaked. No new cases or exposures have been reported. The health department is the number of cases remains sixty one Clark county has been the center of an outbreak of the highly contagious illness that started at the beginning of the year. A man wanted for murder in Lakewood has been arrested in Portland. Thomas Cooper was apprehended inside a fitness club yesterday. And this guy saw it happen..

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