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Was mistreated by Italian police during questioning this case is likely to stretch on for years CBS news has reached out to both families in on Sunday the elder family issued a statement which said they had not had contact with their son since Friday that they had been in touch with the US state department which had not had access to him and that is CBS's Seth Doane reporting moneywatch time on KCBS Adrian missiles at the CVS super micro Intel money desk Melissa no records today for the nasdaq and the S. and P. they did close Friday at all time highs the nasdaq is down thirty eight points about a half percent the S. and P. down fine the Dow up thirty three as Wall Street awaits apple's earnings report tomorrow Tuesday cells of the day US China trade talks are due to resume city group is the latest big bank to cut jobs sources tell Bloomberg hundreds of fixed income and stock trading employees are being laid off wall street's largest banks are facing their lowest trading revenue and more than a decade despite stock market records Amazon gave up on delivering lunch and dinner last month but that doesn't mean it's lost interest shares of GrubHub are searching as Wall Street speculates that a merger in Europe's restaurant delivery business could signal a similar deal is coming to the U. S. one analyst things that grandpa would be a potentially good takeover target for Amazon Adrian metal Bloomberg business for KCBS we can turn even the longest days into the most peace when was.

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