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Oakville 20 minutes of nonstop news starts now. Good morning. Here's some of what's coming up another near record number to report I'm Brian Calvert. With that, and the fear of vaccine won't end the pandemic anytime soon. 100 people thrown out of a public park. I'm Corwin hate. Police break up. An unauthorized sporting event. Looks like the showers will decrease today. More on that coming up, but first ABC News of five o'clock From ABC News. I'm sharing Preston some allergic reactions after day one of the visor vaccine rollout in Britain. ABC is Tom Rivers is there I do think that there's been a lot of press around. British regulators have issued a warning for people with a history of what they call significant allergic reactions not to take the Fizer covert 19 vaccine after two people who had the shot developed issues. To National Health Service staff members. Both had a history of allergic reactions to the extent where they needed to carry an adrenaline auto injector with them. They were treated and are said to be recovering well. The two were among thousands who received the shots on day one of the mass vaccination program there. Tomorrow, an FDA advisory committee will meet to review the fines or vaccine. If it gets approval, as it's expected to do, it will begin to be distributed in this country as well. Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski is in charge of supply and production and distribution of the government's operation Warps Breed Vaccine program, he says, getting it people to take. It must build a trust in American people. We must make them understand that the science that went into this that the oversight they wanted. This is gold standard. And that our scientists are pharmacy are farmers political companies here in the United States of the best ever, and we just want to make sure that everybody gets this vaccine because we've got to get our lives back. ABC NEWS Senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce with President elect Joe Biden's covert plan for the 1st 100 days that he's in office is gonna be urging all Americans to wear a mask and says on the day he takes office, he will sign an order requiring them in areas where he can so in federal buildings. And on interstate travel, and he says that he will get the majority of schools reopen during that 1st 100 days, the Supreme Court rejecting a last ditch effort by Pennsylvania Republicans to toss out the state's 2.5 million mail in ballots. Texas is suing Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania, trying to override the will of voters by forcing their legislatures to Appoint presidential electors Instead, you're listening to ABC.

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