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Do everything in our power to guard against it to make sure that two thousand nineteen is not a repeat of two thousand eight in the trial. And these very serious charges is not rigged Kelly appeared in court this morning with his attorney entering a not guilty plea on his behalf Kelly's next court date scheduled for March twenty seconds. There were some surprises at last night's Oscars. Green book won the award for best picture over Roma and Olivia Colman won best. Actress for the favourite denying Glenn Close. Her first Oscar the best actor award went to Romney Malik for human rhapsody. Best supporting actor wasn't Mahershala Ali for green book while Regina king won best. Supporting actress for if Beale street could talk your. WBZ MoneyWatch roughly half the nation's business. Economists say that they think the US economy will slip into recession by the end of next year and three fourths envision such a downturn beginning by the end of twenty twenty one the finding comes from the latest survey by the national association for business economics of its member. Economists just ten percent of them though, say that they foresee a recession beginning this year the economy began its expansion in June of two thousand nine when the great recession officially ended. If it endures beyond June this year, the expansion will become the longest on record on Wall Street. The Dow is currently up one hundred eighty two points at twenty six thousand two thirteen. The NASDAQ is up sixty one the S and P five hundred is currently ahead. Sixteen at WBZ. We lead local I'm Chad Bauer. WBZ news..

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