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And once you see it, you want to call number 67 to 83 02 again. 67 to 83 02 cmi pipe lining and sewer repairs. All right, juggy? Yes, sir. More about this Arizona law on the speed limit. Yes, and go over 10. Only cost you 15 bucks. Yeah, turns out back in the seventies when they lower the speed limit to 55 miles an hour nationwide. The law was you would lose your high What? Your federal highway dollars If he didn't do it, I remember that, but there was something known as the limited resource. Clause. I guess they're suggesting yelling of so many cops. Therefore, it's a limited resource. Okay, so back then they actually they the signs, said 55. But it was 65. Because cops were considered a limited resource and that once they got rid of the 55 speed limit, they never did get rid of that part of the law. So now fit 75. They're saying you could do 85. The most against $15 ticket. And it is not reported to your insurance company. And if it's 75, then you can go 85 then have another law. That says You can't get any any jail time. Unless you're going 20 miles over the speed limit Which means had a 75 You have to be going 96. I was in Utah, but two years ago, I guess, and the speed limit was 80 80 on everybody Did 90 94 95. I mean, and you? You did get there fast. Watch the miles. Take away like kilometers that math worked, huh? Yeah, it sure did get there and I hurry. So anyway, that's the game plan for Arizona. We'll see what happens. All right. Traffic. What do you got? Not bad at all from the UC, how traffic center and you see help for clinical research and scientific discoveries allowance to offer new treatments for epilepsy patients learn more if you see how dot com slash epilepsy, Highway problems No, don't exist so far this morning North bound 75 included through the cut approaching the Brent Spence Bridge gives me time to remind you of some closures Riverside drive that remains blocked between Collins and Delta. Although the businesses are open either side of the water main break, you've got fourth Street blocked. Between vine and race. That's part of the building following off and the Breen cautious about that..

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