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Natural amphetamines. How do you go through life without drugs? You know, I never understood how anybody could take the bar and pass it without cocaine to this day. I don't understand that Bill Handel. Do you miss it? Yes. Mornings from 6 to 10. All right. Well, that was easy on K F. I Johnny can show John Coble and Ken Shampoo camp. I am 6 45 everywhere on the I Heart radio app. There's a report now that Capitol police officer that died was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher by one of the writers who I was looking for the detail on that that started out. It's just like a CNN report, but it looks like it is gaining more coverage. Yeah, He was it was assaulted with the fire extinguisher. Let me see if there's more here. Yeah, that's that's pretty much it on that and nothing about apprehending the fire extinguisher. Uh, Yeah. No word on that. Another story, which is from The Associated Press is the Capitol Police refused to accept help from the FBI and the National Guard. Before. Protest. Sunday, the Pentagon offered to send the National Guard to secure the perimeter, and then the Justice Department offered the FBI help. On Wednesday. Justus the mob was arriving Ah, there were plenty of warnings about a possible insurrection. There was enough time enough resource to prepare, but the Capitol police said no, and they thought it was only going to be a free speech demonstration. Yeah, I saw that. I think that's why the head of the Capitol Police resigned today. He knows it. All That stuff comes out. It doesn't look good. Yeah, there's other police chiefs around the country. You're saying they cannot explain this? Houston police Chief Artis S a veto said This was a failure of imagination of failure of leadership. I don't see how we can get around that. I would think. That hearing that Trump had a speech and that today was the day Where the Congress would meet joint session. Take a look at and add up the electoral votes and make it final that Joe Biden's president, I think your hair would be on fire. If you're the head of security at the capital they wrote about he wrote about it online. I mean, I mean, the anger is intended, wrote about breaching the building and marching through and they wrote about that, they said. Everybody knew their public march down there. But whether not running into the building was something that I think if you just Get a sense of the intensity of these people. Yeah. Anybody in law enforcement knows it doesn't take much to get very passionate, intense people who are angry and crazy to go and storm something. I mean, it happened all summer. We saw it before our eyes and how many different cities now let's not forget. These are police officers and some of them. May not big big fans of Biden and the Democrats and we did hear that some of them removed the barricades to let protesters get closer to the building. Some posed for Selfies. Didn't smile from other ones I saw, but they were just standing there with the people took the photos, and they might have thought, you know, maybe this election was stolen some of them not all of them, but that that could also play into the response. You don't say overtook the building. Well, should be a different story. Well, you got it. You got a majority of people who voted for Trump who believe that the election was stolen. It's a majority of people too Big Bria. Yeah, so that you know that's going to include the police officers who voted for Trump. They feel the same way today guarding the capital but also feeling some sympathy to the protest. And all these people still believe that today like this hasn't changed anybody's feelings. I'm sure a lot of people are sorry that this happened and sorry. You know that five people they're going to say that wasn't me. I didn't do that. And I don't think that's a good tactic. But this election was still stolen. I still support Trump. It's a separate issue. Exactly. That's right. Don't confuse me. But this mob that invaded the capital. Of course I'm still seeing is people that claim they're all and defense and come on. Now they're not like the belief that all the shootings are hoaxes, the mass shooting that that's become a knee jerk reaction now. The knee jerk reaction among these conspiracy. Easy way to write it off. Right then you don't have to deal with uncomfortable truth. The uncomfortable truth is that people on your side who share your beliefs lost control. And a couple of people died now. And and a lot. There was a lot of damage and they're gonna be there's gonna be a lot of prosecutions. And this is this is a bad event for your side. So you can't just do this knee jerk dismissal. Always Antifa. Guys know what the other side maybe disguise themselves as Trump supporters that maybe a few did, But really, there's probably a few, but they're worth thousands. This is like the fraud issue itself. There were certainly some fraud in this election, but honestly Enough to swing all the states that went for Biden. Really? They don't They don't have the proof. They just say the everybody's just saying stuff. Now they're just making stuff up and repeating nonsense that trolls create on the Internet. All right, Speaking of Biden, when we return he had his moment he was Cisco announced to the attorney general is it's Merrick Garland Anyway, some other Justice Department stuff, But he decided to make a speech about what happened yesterday, which was fine. I actually happen to turn on the TV was right before 11 o'clock. And Yeah, I heard the speech. And it's the usual. This is deplorable. But one part we got to play when we come back. This guy is going to be the great unifier. This was the wrong Thing to say, and it deals with the other protesters from last year coming up John and Ken Ko Phi and Deborah Marquez, New Minority Leader.

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