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Humor dot com Hotline A little bit of good news today, if for a cold span, Kevin Oh, and give it to us. KB from one of 75 the fan. Tell us about our quarterback. Carson wins. Yeah. Positive injury knows. Here we go. Person went back to work today, three weeks removed from the surgery almost three weeks ahead of the regular season opener. And Yeah, he really was not limited. They said he would be. He did not take part of the team drills for about the first power of practice. He did everything about already quarterback would do and probably above and beyond 30 later and that's through 30 passes and seven on seven girls would say very, very big number, so they kept it in controlled settings. No pastor, if anything like that, But the guy that you again had foot surgery three weeks ago, I didn't see any sort of hesitancy. Wow. Oh, boy. Atmosphere toughed it out. He was pretty aggressive in all of lateral movement. How invasive was that surgery? I mean, I mean, today I have to put them under or was this like? The local sort of thing. It was it was it sort of a big deal. Yeah, So it was local. The doctor David Porter. They actually get the Clinton Elson surgery very next day, And he's a guy that Tony Dungy tells the story about how when Bob Sanders came out of the draft, a lot of teams red flag Bob Sanders didn't think that he would stay healthy in this foot issue, and David Porter's I Trust me. I'll do the surgery. You're going to get him back to full health. Obviously, Bob didn't said career, but you would have taken the Bob Sanders that off the full 20 Super Bowl and become NFL defensive player of the year. So, um, yeah, right here in your own backyard. David Porter helped out And basically it was a fragment of a bone and I kind of from what I understand and my medical, you know, knowledge is lacking to fade away. It's like the operation game. You just kind of go in there. Left out the little fragment. There was no ligament damage. No nerve damage Here. He is back in three weeks. So, Kevin, you said that he threw a lot of passes today Did seven on seven. How did he look? I mean, I anticipate there's probably a little rust there. But how did he look? Yeah, You know, it's it's weird. His numbers who was 18 of 30 and seven on Saturday at 60%. It's not a great number by any means when there's no pass rush, just like watching them out there and some of the throws he made and some of the individual pros he made. It's like, wow. Attitude is a different talent of the two quarterbacks I've been watching. In the last few weeks. So, um and I'm just being honest there to me. I was more concerned about workload and effectiveness, like I turned to some rascal wasn't glaring rots. But to me the fact that he did as much activity as he did. I was kind of like, Wow. Um, I mean, barring any setback, I think he plays week one. So.

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