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Facebook thing last night i pulled up an article from the albuquerque journal and facebook was promised up to thirty billion dollars in industrial revenue bonds ten million dollars and local economic development action funding and tax reimbursements of up to one point six million dollars so they're getting thirty billion dollars in bonds plus the eleven point six million dollars in funding and tax reimbursements that's why facebook is building these two giant building's vip will wind up employing about one hundred people after their built has nothing to do with the electric cars has nothing to do with pedestrians it has everything to do with facebook getting your tax money what do you think about that oh you know i i got now now that we're going to get otter made it selfdriving car and that that has nothing to do with my facebook just because those two stories came out a couple of days apart doesn't mean that they're in any way connected you do realize that that could mean that comedic connected by were by wrote a company like that would come here unless it at our drunk right now they're moving there because again i'm going to re and i realized that these are really big numbers thirty billion dollars in industrial revenue bonds so somebody is saying facebook we will give you thirty billion dollars that's 30 billion reasons to move to.

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