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Radio on the voice of Chicago, Seven twenty. That tab bears song that we played from. Jeff Hoover and friends. It was also Mike Toomey whose on there. And then a local actor who's a friend of mine tombs named Vince LaFontine, and they dress up like super fans, go to the WGN morning news Facebook page, and you can see the video it's pretty funny. So you're going to dress up as super fan tomorrow. I'm not I'm gonna dress warmly. I don't like to be cold Joe. So I want to be even though it's going to be forty you know, it'll be outside. I want to be warm. I'll be wearing my fleece lined teens that have which are very warm lovely. They're the best fleece, lined jeans. You'd be racking a jersey your checkings wanna wear my jogging sleeps checking may fleas Jenkins. I look good. I am my legs are my best feature. So I don't think I have a jersey bears jersey. You know, it's funny as in college I stole a jersey for my sister. And I love a Matt forte jersey, right? I didn't realize it was a woman's jersey. Wow. Oh, they make jerseys for women. They do. Yeah. Like their cut for a woman, and it fit you like a glove. It's what the v necks are for women, the v neck jerseys was yours. It wasn't. That was not that. But it was a will typically when you buy like when you see T shirts and stuff like if you buy cubs or sock shirt, they have a men's cut which is a little more square, and then a woman's cut that has a little bit. Right. I was I was just like this fits me. So, you know, usually jerseys are baggy. But like, wow, it was like you're skinny suit feels. Three one eight one seventy two hundred is our phone number Nixon Bartlett. Hey, Nick, you're on WGN. Good morning. Thanks for taking my call. Thank you. How can I help you? I think this will probably be an easy one for you..

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