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Irvings have replaced Powell Ghazal as VP of the players association after Gazelles Three year term ended ESPN NBA analyst. Kendra pershing's had this to say on sportscenter about Kyrie's new position in a leadership role to me. It's the blind leading the blind careers proven. All of us did. He's not a leader and I don't understand this for the life of me. Maybe he surprised the world and become this person overnight but when he was with the Celtics he wasn't a good leader and now he's in Brooklyn. We had several occasions where he goes under the bus. Or whatever the case may be saying. He don't need certain guys or he won't this guy back and it's just. I see those leadership skills in an perk. I Know Jeez. I'm sorry about the loss in the All Star game it was re it wasn't it wasn't and UCLA composer technical foul. I didn't mind it all got thrown out the Damn Game. I was so he. He's GonNa play next. Play next me. You WanNA trade happening. This is how y'all need me on your squad. Let's go to work on that. Max what's going on yesterday? Who just arrived. Stephen Talks about what he's GonNa Beg Afford. Jon Allen we got we got real stuff to talk about. We've got Jay Williams here. He's our basketball analyst. Stephen I'm going to start with you. Do you have an issue with Kyri being in this new leadership position because I do okay. I got a lot of carbon. I let me say this list layoff Kendrick Perkins in this regard I I called Kendrick Perkins and I thought he was wrong about the whole k. D. Situation you a teammate discern you don't say and you try to provide insight to that gives the wrong impression. This is just basketball analysis looking at the issues that Kyrie Irving has had and the games that he's missed and playing the leadership role Kurt Kendrick Perkins perfectly within his right to say that. Because that's one on the outside looking in it made you say ouch. But nevertheless from an outsider's perspective. I can't blame where he got. I won't go there hardwood career because I know Kyri a little bit and we talk and I got a lot of love warm and I get and I think I have some insight into how he is. Here's what I will say what I do like about. This is that it should apply more pressure on KYW RE to show up when he's there he's delivered and because he averaged twenty seven game and we know what he can do all right. I'm simply saying Damn Bro. You already missed thirty. Three Games this year K. Da Come to Brooklyn the play by himself. This team is a solid team even without Kyri. But we're Kharian K. D. If Kyrie brings his game I know what? Kt going to. And I'm looking at them as a title contender next. Ad Yukari Irvine. You Pride yourself be cerebral you. Pride yourself and being a thinker. It's very. You're very into making sure that what you do extends beyond the court of play because you want to have that kind of impact. Kyri just has to remember it all starts with you showing up to perform when you are not able to do your job for whatever reason people are going to question y you got another job master. What YOU DO I. We know what he can do when he's healthy. I'm just saying prioritize getting healthy. I'm not saying don't be on the MVP A I'm not saying be VP. I'm not saying. Don't add your level of intellect. Whatever the case may be what I'm saying is I don't want to see something Alpha priority over you on that damn court so him being in this position dealing with those players making that more of a priority than being no no. He's not out saying that. Being in that position is going to put them in a position where people say where you go play by play. 'cause we don't give a damn about the damn committee if you ain't playing. Chris Paul the President but he's also an all star. Let's remember that. Go Ahead. Y'All this is what this is what. Kyrie's election told me. No one must want that job and like if it sounds like negative towards Kyrie and going at Cairo very clear. Kyri is from the New York area. He was the first superstar. Because you've got the feeling like he was lower for K. D. He was the one kind of like really wanting to play. You know basically worries from. He was the first guy in maybe my lifetime at that level other than Carmelo Anthony. Who said I WANNA play on a New York team? I should love Cairo also sitting here saying and I've said before I think in the history of the NBA. He may be the most skilled player ever. There's nothing he can't do whether you always has the wisdom to properly deploy. His skills is another point but in terms of skills. It's absurd earth is handled through the best ever. He can shoot the lights out. He's the best finisher in the paint under the rim. Probably ever like it's ridiculous skills and yet guys now we have a huge sample size with the Celtics and the nets in both cases both teams performed the little better without Kyri then with him. At a certain point. It's not coincidence. I agree with Kendrick Perkins. He's a bad leader. We're hasn't learned how to lead yet number one number two Stephen. You talk about his intellect a lot. You know him personally I do not. I have seen zero evidence of Kyrie's intellect in a way that would be that would be impressive. I'm impressed by it. I'm talking about reactions to his social media ramblings. The flat earth thing like even if he was saying that tongue in cheek but the way he expresses himself on social media. It's very clear to me. He wants to be perceived as a Smart Guy. Maybe he is one. He has shown zero evidence to me from where I'm sitting that I would look at him. Go Yet kyrie's one of those real smart athletes you come across. Who's WHO's just a real real bright guy. There are athletes. You come across like that where you say. This person's bright period not by standards of an athlete by standards of human. It's a really smart person. For example Kobe Bryant was a brilliant guy talked to Kobe. Whatever is measured? I Q was. I'm sure it was extremely high. He was a very smart guy. And you come across. Kyrie very desperately. It seems to me wants to be perceived that way has shown me no evidence so maybe because he does seem to elicit some kind of loyalty from some of his teammates. They speak well of him some of his teammates and feel he gets a raw deal and so okay. Maybe he's showing it to them and here. He did get elected by his peers. And maybe it is a job people actually want. Maybe I'm wrong about that okay. But I'm saying I have yet to see the evidence of the intellect that you referred to back so I've seen the intellect Kyri is bright so I will say this is extremely polarizing. Because him on the court he becomes emotional And I think he's still learning maturing in that regard as a leader for a team and I look. We've all been up here and we've all had multiple conversations about the way. Kyrie has led on the court. I will say this because I think it's really critical. The put this into perspective for everybody as it relates Stephen as to how the how the union is orchestrating this so. Cpi three is the president. Yes Okay Andre. Dalla is the first BP so Kyrie being be six other VP's exact okay. So he's not second empower that is Andre etc. Who Second Empower? He's one of six other people this correct. Because he's been on the sideline for all these years watching the way that Paul saw. Cpi three and all. These guys have orchestrated that so actually give him a lot of credit that he's trying to learn and I will say this you know. Obviously we have the boardroom. You've been on a boardroom cave. We talked about paying attention to the business of sports. If you look at the way that Kyrie is going about his business off the court. L- look at a lot of shoes. His shoes are always top top threshold of his shoes being sold the way. He's the detail that he's focused on with. How he delivers the product. Look at what he did with uncle drouet. He is a student in that regard. So I do like seeing Kyri going direction. I think the on the court group is a completely different conversation. Conversation is focused towards him and his business and understanding that as far as the BPA. I like it on the court. We can have that conversation. We want to go in that direction too. That's a different conversation right totally. And that's that's the thing what I'm saying. Is that first of all when we say on the court literally talking about him on the court because when he's on the court there is no question the balanced by spectacular? All right off the corner. Somebody that talks to I find career to be very I find. I read a be somebody. That's very astute. Very smart about a lot of things. Max. There is no dummy in Kyrie Irving. He's a smart brother then. There are times that he goes a bit overboard and tries to be a bit too intellectual as opposed to simplify things but he has no dummy. He is smart. He's a thinker. I think the problem with careers that at times he thinks too much about things that are relatively simple. It ain't that complicated Kyrie. Don't worry about it but I certainly wouldn't sit up and say I've seen no evidence of him being smart or intelligent Max. I think that's going to follow and I think that's I think that's disrespectful. And I honestly think that right and I just tell you the truth the Truth Stephen. I tell you the truth it I tell you. I see it his social media ramblings which are poorly written. He's bad at expressing himself at least in the written language period. The ideas are not interesting and they're and they're poor. I will say this not an. That's right according to me. That's right according to me and that's okay. Do you put yourself out there. You're going to be critiqued period now Jay Williams what you say about his business. Accurate has to be acknowledged. You're right his shoes do sell. And it's not just because he's a spectacular player their fresh shoes and they're marketed. Well and that's to his credit and he has done other things in terms of his business including when he puts his name on something. It's generally high quality and that be speaks some kind of intelligence. I agree but I'm talking about his his his apparent to me need to be perceived as a smart guy and yet he betrays himself when he starts expressing himself. So I'm curious to see how that works out in the context of the Union Hotel magazine players. He is Max Max. I'm saying because of a because of how incendiary remarks respect where you come from. But you gotta give.

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