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Around Bailey. The far. Along that goes wide at the side of the net here. Corners Brock Nelson for the islanders around Bailey. Far side of the ice taken away. Barkov able to move ahead or through insurance on the offensive in Hoover. Looks across Ecuador thriller shot it's wide and it goes off to the far corner. Hoover. Who takes a look at the front of the goal holds takes the goal line off the near corner out to your point. It's parka Arcand. Kids to Matheson cuts in near circle Athas into the corner at the scene here on the nearside backhand Hoopoe who your circle last minute of the period Barco takes over center. The lot or caught to Matheson long Rouge shot, and it's y ticks abouts up the end boards scooped up there by Hoover, given out of our cough here, the nearside and equity top of the right circle Beck. Let us off to your board Panthers. Some great pressure. Here has a front of that from. Intercepted by Bailey. He'll bring it along three to the islanders pass cross ice coal. He'll rip it in thirty four seconds left. In the second the islanders leading one nothing and back along for the Panthers Mathis, it clears to center bouncer, but Tronto intro checks. But Tronto has just stick tro. Check Tronto had elevate that one with pressure in there than a wound shopping the line from Atherton device Ecuador sharp, try in Greis able to weather the storm some shopping today side of that. As the Tronto antiques. Have some words exchange? Shoves fourteen point nine seconds left in the second the islanders maintain their one. Nothing. Lead panther starting to get some offenses on pressure learned it all start just our luck. He gets that big hit in the neutral zone. You need something to spark your team in nita's able lambaste has got right next to the boards. And all of a sudden of energy in the Panthers bench got recognize he had to wingers caught down low at glad joined the Russ made it a four on three. He came late and had a chance on top of the circles with the slapshot and fair to wide. And then that Hoover go dad bar offline just went to work down low. They were cycling all around up high pass in the puck. Getting a lot of movement a lot of quality looks against Thomas dry. So this last two three minutes in the best panther hockey that we seem through the first periods. Fourteen point nine seconds left in the second. One nothing lead the shots. Twenty four sixteen for the islanders. Thomas Greis, sixteen sixteen south puck so far for the owners, and this one as bucks launched ahead by Hickey and Nakal alkalinity. Outer still successes of the period for them. Not to take away set wide. Vice Ezekiel Polk debts are driving close from not gonna stop by monta moas time expires, and that's it per forty minutes. Here the BBN t center tonight. So the honors couple h there's time expires. But he's one nothing hockey that Brock Nelson tally off a one time or early in the second period the only goal scored. So far panther started to work out the last five minutes, and that's how to be done get some chances groceries. Ask make some saves. He's able to do that Panthers. Missing. A couple of times a couple of two ones, especially. Hoffman had to one you've got to be able to shoot that puck. But it was better better last five minutes in within striking distance and multiple goaltender down in. The Panthers deserve ton of credit. He's made a number of dazzling phase keep those panther team where they're out, but you continue the islanders play. They're not gonna give you much and seen a lot of breakdowns and Panthers starting to work starting to get chances of still within well within striking distance heading to this third period. So after two periods of play the owners won the Panthers nothing. But as Billy said some Panthers crusher starting to build as we got the late stages there of that second period Panthers. Home against the New Jersey. Devils fan appreciation night, presented by WalMart..

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