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I think macy's wrote our mrs macy's road. We have to be radicals for freedom. And i think with the book. That i just i think that achieves that objective because we have to point out loud and clearly that government cannot provide the appropriate decision making which is a very intimate decision between the doctor and the patient as i talked to someone the other day education and medicine to areas outside the family which are very important. Person to person meetings and very intimate. You have to like your teachers. You have to like your doctors in order to have good outcomes and if you don't like either of them you're not gonna have good outcome so again. It's all about developing a culture and our society. That is much different that we have today. Which is a challenge. But i think i'm up to it and that's why i hope people buy this book. Because as i've stated in in previous podcasts i intend to use all the royalties to support organizations that are supported throughout the years. Like the macy's institute. And i intend to help the ron paul institute that next level of success by leveraging which discuss Hopefully in a few months but if people buy this book and give it as gifts especially in the book because believe it or not you get as north. You get greater royalties from the book. Then you do from the paperback and so my strategy is very simple to try to get this word out to. As many millions of americans ten millions americans as possible. And if the book can be on the bestseller list like other books have been. This could be a game changer. But it's up to the people to help boost the sales of this book so we can get the message out with a message of hope freedom and wellness which i think the average person you know we've gone through a lot of changes and a lot of arguments about medical care especially with cova because In some ways we've stepped back terribly in other ways People are waking up to the views that you're expressing because you talked about choices and i talk about the entire system whether it's monetary policy or all economic and social reaction. Ish should be done freedom of choice you know. It's hard to believe that we're the ones who are really the pro-choice people you know we. We want people to have choices. But i think people have been conditioned you know. I think our problems have been building for one hundred years since the progressive era. You started and Yet i still see a lot of opportunity because Yes we have to work for a transition. I argued that in monetary policy but we have to also realize that we might not have our way for a long time to come and conditions may get so bad that This is the time people ought to be looking at good health. And you've mentioned that already about taking care of health. Just taking a vitamin d in zeke..

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