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All, the all star games I did speaking of all star games friend of mine got in touch with me because we apparently misspoke the, MLB also game since the end of the two thousand sixteen season has actually meant nothing so last year also game was the. First time there was no playoff implications involved really got rid it must've followed the cubs Indians Did something happened trigger that or. They just kind of I don't know I'm still looking into it because it actually. Slipped my mind. I had forgotten last year was So do, you have any memory of last year's all star game how did that go is, there any difference. Really like no fence baseball's not really. Much of an effort sport? Like it's. Usually, it's most of the guys are. Standing around for most of. It so you can it's hard to not try in? Baseball you know. What I mean like hockey look you can just not backcheck. Football you can just not block Berry ball I guess is kind, of similar where. It's hard to not try but but. You cannot play defense who's? A Miami. Last, year I remember it being very. Pitcher pitcher friendly pitcher heavy A lot I believe, both sides went with less starters more relievers because of the one inning you know you never throw more than four or five out to the most, even your starter maybe only goes to innings but I, believe it, was one to one into the tenth inning in the, AL actually took the lead on a Robinson Cano homerun off. Wade Davis and the game ended two, to one, so Not on offense which is ironic. Because, the homerun derby was one of the, more fun ones that we've had since twenty fifteen maybe when Todd Frazier. And our pools went off it was like, new age versus young age Gotcha what's. What's your, what's your prediction for tight Bryce Harper hometown I like it I. Think the field is a little bit weaker, this year but I would not sleep on hey zoos Aguilar out of the one seed well you can't really sleep on them because but nobody really, knows about them or couch Warburg from. Chicago Gotcha all right nice Eight oh three oh five fifty. Is the phone number if you want to chime in on the all star games, and all their formats how would? You make him better also getting some more fantasy football. Party ideas in here what have you? Done in your drafts it's. Been. Creative and. Fun Get some. Good, stuff I've read a couple more. Of those on the other side of the break also I do wanna play back, the Matt Ellis interview from this? Morning with Howard on the morning show by all accounts. I listened to most of it it? Was really good good insight Doc me pretty excited for the season just talking about the young guys that. Were development camp. That are probably be on the. Team talking Guli middle, sad Darlene Maybe c. j. Smith, he signed, today Those are, probably the key guys that were developed McAfee would think have. A legit shot to make this roster let's. Take a break a little bit early. We'll come back with all of that it's..

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