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Drafts that in Brooklyn would be a massive upset of Duke. Zion Williamson somehow doesn't go number one overall, that means Murray states. John Mirant for months now has prepared to come off the board at number two, and he's just fine with that. You'll be happy with any team draft me that means they see something. It's just honored to be able to play this game at the highest level and it'd be in a position that I'm in right now. And after trading veteran point guard. Mike Conley to the jazz. Yesterday reports say the grizzlies would have to be blown away to trade out of the number two pick to know the pelicans are parents look at package. The fourth overall pick trade up to number two, and reunites with his teammate, RJ Barrett. New Orleans today, also picking up the team option on former third overall pick Jalil Okafor this coming season wild story for major league baseball. Tampa Bay rays have received permission from MLB executive council to explore plan where they replayed their early season home games in the Tampa Bay area and the remainder of the year in Montreal race principal owner. Stu Sternberg with a statement today say he is committed to keeping baseball in Tampa Bay for years to come. But he also believes this concept, gore, the of serious exploration on the afternoon, scoreboard, top seven range league, the Indians, to one Texas going for four games. Split with Cleveland bottom one in Arizona. The Rockies with the one thing with the Diamondbacks Alvarado looking to make it a three game road. Sweep of Arab. Zona US women's soccer team leading Sweden at the half won. Nell looking to finish off World Cup group played a perfect three. No, there yet to be scored upon tournament round one travel. The championship from TC, Cromwell, and Connecticut. Ryan armor Bronson Bergen clubhouse leaders at six hundred par three time champ up of Watson to one hundred sixty nine Brooks kept after coming up short at the US open finish today where they won over seventy one I'm Chris lopresti, Jim Rome, here tomorrow in the jungle smack off twenty-five listen right here and follow the entire thing on Twitter, using.

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