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A sarah fox news in sutherland springs texas a second night of remembering the 26 people lost when police say gunman devon kelly walk into the first baptist church authorities say he fired at least four hundred fifty round gator say before 26yearold devon patrick kelly opened fire sunday he recently sent threatening text messages to his motherinlaw who sometimes attended the church but was not there sunday during sunday's attack the churches pastor was out of town with his wife but their 14yearold daughter annabel was among those killed a local man says he was driving by the church when he spotted a neighbor exchanging gunfire with the suspect from there they gave chase after that police arrived and say the suspect died of a selfinflicted gunshot wound fox's lauren blanchard while serving in the air force kelly was charged with domestic violence we should have kept him from buying a weapon for the air force admits it failed to report that conviction to the fbi as per pentagon protocol vice president mike pence will travel to texas wednesday president trump has landed in south korea as he continues his asian trip earlier he met with japanese leader shinzo all bay president leaving japan after a series of eventful meetings on trade and of course north korea the president said that japan would shoot north korean missiles right out of the sky if they simply bought us weaponry needed to do so on trade the president criticised the massive gap between the us and japan employing the avi government to lower import barriers pox is kevin core traveling with the president and house ways and means committee has approved late changes to the.

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