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Period just a rejection of authority that when there there was no one in charge as the Old Testament teaches as well every man does. What's right in his own is so right now? We have a nation that is taking the constitution or shit should say some leaders. That are taking a constipation constitution to the brink on this impeachment issue. Speaking to that. What's happening? Yeah what's up. Let let me just St- the same in churches. I wouldn't be and I'll just say I'm a very vocal supporter under this president. And I have been for quite some time. And if you're not then I'll try to convince so I I we get plenty of people that criticize that. And that's fine but let me let me tell you first and foremost Y I believe what I believe first and foremost Christian. Then I'm a constitutional non-american the American that I'm a constitutional listen. I'm a conservative in that order so as a Christian I believe that all of this politics and all this there is a greater calling to all of it now. That's not a substitute to not getting engaged edge in the civic debate to not getting engaged in politics and it's definitely not an excuse in fact it's the exact opposite that the scriptures say very clearly and in the theological belief that I have and that I understand all of you have that you do good works because you are saved. You don't do good works to get safe safe. And so no matter what you are in go and express your values and you and you go forth as Christian that saved by Jesus Christ God in three parts and so then you say to yourself when in human history has there been big advances for freedom and liberty for natural rights. When when was there a great leap forward because most of human history there the Roman Empire the Greek Empire the Byzantine the Chinese Empire? But when did things change and why did they really change and you look at the American. Founding is something that could only be explained as the intervention of God at how this nation was formed and most importantly the ideas behind this country the ideas of where our rights come from. Let's just start with that. That our rights not come from king a ruler a tyrant someone that was born it into an doesn't come from government they come from God this is so fundamentally transformation and then just from an objective analysis you you have to say is the world a better place because of the United States of America and the answer is of course even even if you say you don't like this country if you don't answer that question a yes or not looking at history. Honestly the most benevolent generous creative accepting country ever to exist in the history of the world we take in tap. The world's immigrants give away the most money to charity when earthquake natural disaster strikes. You don't call the Belgians you don't call the French find countries you call the Americans or something built into the fabric occur. This country is Alexis de Tocqueville and many other said America will only be great if America continues to be good and so the question is what are these founding ideas separation of powers articulated in the United States constitution where our rights come from fair and impartial judges. That don't say don't enact as judges of what they want to see they're not activists but instead instead of the law actually says the belief in a free market economy and I could make and I will make the biblical case for a free market economy. That socialism Marxism Collectivism. Some are actually in defiance a two of the ten commandments and directly against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Somehow that you shouldn't have to work and blame other people for your problems and take other people's stuff I I don't find that supported anywhere in the Gospel. Jesus Christ in fact I find the exact opposite and so with all that being all that being why I believe what I believe leave. We have to understand that prior to the election of Donald Trump and his improbable election. Almost impossible in some would say again. I think and I've said this publicly. It seems as if if that God came down and intervened at that moment and spoken to a lot of different people where two choices were so clear one side says I believe in post birth abortion and the other side says. I'm going to be a pro-life president. One one person says here the judges that I'm gonNA nominate and the other person says I'm going to continue down this path and so with president trump with all of his his flaws. I'm flawed your flood. We're all centers. But if we're all of a sudden going to remove all the centers from the Bible then you can take Samson right out of there right you take him out of the spiritual home of the. Yeah no doubt however God speaks into particular people for particular moments and what he has been able to do. Let's talk about what matters to US Christians. The life issue the most pro-life President in American history. Cindy the Mexico City policy nominated breadth Cavanaugh and nominated yield gorsuch and one hundred fifty circuit court judges who not to mention a huge issue in the Christian community is the horrendous sin of sex trafficking and this president washed down backpage dot com. Tom Has emboldened ice and the FBI to arrest more sex traffickers than the fast for administrations combined. Some we don't talk about enough. Listen did you hear then Charlie repeat that again because this and maybe you're up. Maybe you're watching. Maybe you're here tonight and and in your what. Is it the apprehensive the white female suburban women who is supposed to be anti-trump research. You know what we're hearing so repeated again regarding sex traffic. I would hope everybody in this room would be against sex trafficking and and in particular there was a website that existed called backpage dot com the stomach the earth and for years the government tried to get shut down and basically this was an online marketplace lacework. Children's sex trap was children traffic. It's so beyond disgusting and it was hosted on back servers and through a Republican led Congress and through the president's leadership the ship with vodka trump in the White House. They said we're GonNa shut this thing down. And they passed a bill in the House of Representatives in the United States Senate and the previous Congress not this Congress my goodness. They're too busy doing whatever the heck they were doing today having professors tell us you know anyway we can talk about that later but they shut that website down and with that the president had states ended the war on ice and ice by the way ice immigration customs enforcement. They are the number one agency that goes an arrest child sex traffickers which is a huge problem in our country by the which there is more sex trafficking happening in America than most people would ever believe and the arrest I finally. They're going up these. These sick individuals are being held accountable for the almost for the sin that is almost unspeakable of what they're doing in our society and this president has has directed his agencies to make this a top priority for the domestic law enforcement agencies. And that should be. There should be something that all people operations care about such as religious freedom and religious liberty. If we're honest with ourselves there is an attack and assault on religious liberty throughout the previous administration whether it be the religious liberty and religious freedom executive orders that were passed or the judges that he put replace. Do you know how many presidents ever spoken at the march for life. Just one this present at the press. The United States President Bush President Clinton President. Ace W in this is the first president who's actually been able to cut funding to planned parenthood and other thing. You probably didn't hear it in your Daily News. Not all of it. But he's caught some of it. He thought about two hundred million dollars in planned parenthood. And they're they're just in a total. They're they're upset. Good is what I say. I'm glad that they're upset. And that whole debate gets mislabeled as a debate around around women's health. There are other places that do unbelievable work. Pregnancy crisis centers women's health clinics that don't offer abortifacient or abortion services Mrs that do that sort of women mammogram and work. That should be getting that funding if we want to actually fund women's health that don't push abortion abortion as much as they do and as someone who's very pro-life and vocally pro-life I'm happy to see a president also stand on the sidelines. So I say all that and so. Here's the challenge is that president trump had entering the challenge that he had historically and I have this. I'm articulating. This in an upcoming book is trying to revitalize a nation that felt.

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