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You know, we're to listen to the Golden State media concepts women's MMA podcast. GMC football podcast today. I was just looking at a a preview of the views of the shop, which has LeBron James and in Tokyo Brown on it and Tony Brown's talking like, oh you saying like everyone's saying, he's distraction. He was just like saying, I'm I'm just a six round pick out of central Michigan, which is true in three contracts later in stuff like this. And honestly, I don't think he's the distraction. I think he's his own personality. I used to have a problem with them banal just looking at this organization star Lee him, it's number seven. I think other people would agree that number seven is kind of. Okay is exactly the distraction just because he thinks he's better than everybody else. The arrogance really is sickening to the players. It's it's a it's a it's a virus. Almost you know what I mean? It's just like infects players to not like in a good way. We're like, oh, I'm gonna be convert to it's just like oh, stop talking. That's how I see. It said. I hate to really stop my train of thought here biting Tonio Brown. But we got some pretty major news coming in Jason Witten the NFL analyst in like in the broadcast booth. You seen a bunch. Has agreed to terms with the Dallas Cowboys on a contract. Bring the tight end back to Dallas. So. Wow. This is a co from Jamie chasing, wind self the fire inside of me to compete in play. This game is just burning too strong. This team has a great group of rising stars. And I want to help them make a run at a championship. This was completely my decision. And I am very comfortable with it. I'm looking forward to getting back in the dirt. So there you have it Jesus in win is back in the NFL in his back as a tight end for the Dallas Cowboys first of all. Wow. If anyone returning from retirement that would be one Alaska, I would think of I didn't even realize he had the urge to return. It seemed like he was fine being an analyst and stuff. But I guess he has that fire them to return to the NFL and play football in a dangerous position tight end. So I hope for the best forum. But I wonder what the contract I wonder how big the contract is to. That's also born factor think about but. We guardless Jason win wants back in the NFL. And he's in the NFL again. He's gonna be the tight end for the Dallas Cowboys. Now will this help them get to a championship? Like, he wants them. He wants to help them a run. I'm not sure, but. I'm super curious. How all this is gonna go down. But the this is just news. I got which is super interesting to say the least. Wow. I am in shock shock. I'm just like that's interesting. Say least all right as I was saying..

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