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1400, the Patriot John MacCulloch show. For this Tuesday afternoon, and this is Steve on the Patriot. I state Go ahead. Hey, John. I think I know exactly what you're talking about here. Me, okay? Yeah. Oh, uh, yeah. Joe Biden, foot clubbed and condemning the violence. Throughout. I believe Portland and he's like I got shot. And I think, um, Was it the first time Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland has come out against the violence as well. You know that? I'm not sure if he has come out against the violence. It's not very strong, you know, coming out is not very strong because it's it's not happening yet. Is it? Well, he just made a statement. I think it was yesterday or today. Regarding, um, that guy that got shot, which I believe I heard it was a Trump supporter. And and he got shot in the chest or something. But the thing is, yeah. That's the support base in the You know, Sort of like the strong brown shirts, I guess of the Democratic Party of Black lives matter. Protesters. And what's happening is that their if you look at what they're doing, what they're saying, the actions that they're taking None of it's making sense. It's At least to me. Is it to you? I mean, we're how do you get peace when you use violence? I mean, you know you're you're no violence. But yet, let's be violent and make sure that there's no more violence by being violent. Does that make sense that we're talking about? No. Yeah, that's that's part of what I'm talking about. It's not all of what I'm talking about. But look Go ahead. Well, I was just saying the way they like it. They like the chaos, and only here is where I was going to say what I called in. They're coming out. And now they're trying to twist all this violence and blame it on trump like Wait a minute. You have a bit doing nothing for almost 45 months in Portland. And somebody gets shot. Now you try to blame him for that. And he's banana. You Hey, can I come help You? Can I come help you every day. Perfect. You've got it. You hit it nail on the head. Well done. Stay view you managed to get through. Well, thanks. I appreciate your saying so. But you you've managed to get the guy to come out of his shell. This acting secretary of Homeland Security, his name's Chad. Wolf. This Democrat mayor from Portland just continues to make less and less sense as the time goes by. And as he makes less and less sense Joe Biden makes less and less sense. And Nobody is making any sense. There's no good being done for anybody. And all Donald Trump is saying is Hey. Let us help. Let us take care of this. We can have it over and done with. In a matter of hours. Let us handle it. And all they say back is no. We're not going to do that. Now. What sense does that make? Can you tell me? He's gone. All right, Bob. Still there? Okay, let's do Bob. Hey, Bob. Good afternoon. Welcome. Go ahead. Hi, John. Thanks for taking my call. Tio. He popped on fracking. He's turning that they know that. He doesn't want to ban all for acting. He only wants to keep it stand in federal property, and I don't even know if we crack on federal property. Now you Because the way I understood it, you correct me if I'm wrong. Is that he wants All fracking band wants nothing to do and what he had said. And I don't see how he can go back on that. Do you agree? No, but he's but he's done it. He certainly has. And I don't know how he's going to go back out. And neither the greening of the party aren't gonna let me first of all. Well, AOC is not going to let him Somehow he's beholden to her. How she worked herself into that position. I don't know. But The fact of the matter is There are issues all over the ballpark. That are being covered. And that are being Lied about And are being They're using them to mislead the public. So that if somebody says I'm all for a OSI, and I'm all for banning fracking, I'm all for the green New deal. But I'm not really And then the green New deal. People step in And they go nuts. When they say that and they're over here in the corner, having their smoky little deal. And They're not getting anywhere with it. It's all a scam. And yet Here we sit. Our country at a standstill. A complete standstill from where it should be. And We're not getting as a country. Anything done? Toward Anything. That's worth doing anyway. Do you see where I'm coming with this? It's all a bunch of caca. Absolutely. This sort of put him right back in his basement. Hurry. Every time he comes out, he says something that contradicts something said before. And I didn't see this on TV anywhere. That's something that I had to go. You know that I found through websites like, you know. Well, I didn't see it on TV, either. And I'm glad you did, and I'm glad you're onto it. I'm glad some other people in the audience are onto it because it's extremely important that we understand. That they will take any issue. They can bob anything that they can get their hands on. They will take to attempt to prove this whole thing. I don't want to say valid. Does. It doesn't prove validity at all. What They will do whatever they can lie, Steal, cheat. You name it. To get Something done..

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