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Temporarily blocking the Trump administration's policy of returning some asylum seekers. To mexico. The San Francisco judge said his injunction will take effect on Friday up going DHS secretary Kirsten Nielsen announced the migrant protection protocols rule in January in the agency started sending some Central American asylum seekers who came to the US Mexico border back to Mexico to await their asylum proceedings. A lawsuit brought by eleven asylum-seekers said the migrants had quote undue risk to their lives or freedom in Mexico, which the suit also called lawless. So the policy change was meant to put a stop to the practice of releasing migrant families into the United States while they wait for their immigration hearings. Nielsen had recently announced expanding that program. No surprise, President Trump responding to the ruling on Twitter blasting the liberal court. So this judge blocks the policy of returning the asylum seekers to Mexico, nineteen minutes after six o'clock been a year since former smallville star Allison Mack was arrested in connection with the alleged sex cult Nexium after originally, please. Not guilty to sex trafficking charges MAC appeared in court in New York yesterday to enter her plea to two counts of racketeering, and she pled guilty spent a year mentioned that in court. The actress said her plea was her way of taking full responsibility for admitted rule in the secret subgroup of Nexium that's called DOS which has been described as a group of sex slaves for group founder Keith rainier, though, she had her own slaves as well reportedly. She also gave some insight into her role explaining that. She was looking for a community in time that she felt lost. So Allison Mack pleads guilty to racketeering. She could be looking she's facing up to forty years behind bars. Twenty years for each of the two counts. It's twenty minutes past six o'clock. Newsradio nine twenty four seven FM hit the highways once again chicken with John hamlet brought to us by.

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