Shane Mcmahon, Mr Mcmahon, WWE discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast - WKPWP - WWE Smackdown Analysis w/Keller & Jonny Fairplay (10-04-2017)


Yeah it's just it's just a sloppy in its amateurs on okay now that aside and they're not going to call it nitpicking because i think it's more than that it's just being unprofessional and and lacking attention to detail with easy solutions that said do you think that they did a good job in the end getting people more excited about seeing shane mcmahon and kevin owens on sunday did they i mean this is a long segment and the show fifteen minutes without a commercial break of a extended shane promo followed by shane going after kevin owns when owns was standing in the shield entrance area lower boll and then a power bomb on a table by owens and then a and then owens returning to the ring shane coming after him and owns getting the better of him and giving them a pop power bomb and eventually a headbutt symbolically just like more than smog just like you did to the chairman mr mcmahon and even more in standing over him as as he left the ring a pretty intense angle for wwe inspect on these days i do give that aspect of that aspect of it a thumbs up there there were several several parts of this i mean th the you gotta love this spirit of seventy six shaming man after the tower bomb coming back down the stairs is slight y in and and it felt like the thing ends were really they're just like and this guy and i was just like wow this this is really effective job well done guys and then the brawl continues and and even though kevin no one's take the you know takes advantage of their brawl the fans are channing this is awesome and i'm like okay not a hundred percent effective because you would rather them be cheering for your baby face in o'shea know mac.

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