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It so so you're this and on a program is that it has anz met right right okay so what's the what's the relationship between ends met and nasa and how that all worst together well her rigidly and smith was set up as a three agency agreements so uh the the it was funded the actual antarctic search were meteorites was funded through the national science foundation because they have uh the they do the uh scientific research in antarctica okay um nasser uh funded the curation now and allocation of a meteorite samples here at nasa johnson space center and then the smithsonian institution did the initial a classification uh and um was the long term repository for the meteorites collected in antarctica uh that since then since then uh they've changed it in now nasa actually funds the tactic uh uh the anz met research component uh um nsf still supplies logistics but nasa pays nsf four those that those logistics because they they are the uh the amine they have all the logistics in antarctica and end the rock still go ultimately to the smithsonian a chipped for initial uh classification and rocks set higher no longer actively being a research by scientists in the world end up being permanently curated at the smithsonian institution so that is uh that is still the way things are run all right so so is at the ones that people are researching and and actively studying are all than house here at the johnson space yes of with summak sank exceptions we don't have the necessary facilities to easily a deal with a metal rich meteorite so iron meteorites uh uh estonia iron meteorites automatically go uh nope i'm going to pull that back iron meteorites automatically go to the smithsonian institution oh because they are equipped for to cut a medal in and make uh uh samples available on we do do the stony meteorites here i forgot about that um uh because i've gotten some from here um and there is so as those that have a significant stony component are still uh worked on here until they become uh uh no longer of scientific is the interest a habit but no even though they go to the smithsonian for a permanent curation there they're not dead to science so to speak so i can request the samples that have been housed at johnson space center for years and now transfer transformed permanently to the smithsonian uh.

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