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So I mean, you know, I don't ever think about any of that stuff to be honest with you. Let somebody sends me like like or something, you know, whether it's uh homerun derby or just like may eight completely forgot about that. But somebody sent me the the clip from the four home runs in Baltimore. You know, so I don't ever watch it. So I get it. Oh man. That day. You know. So it's pretty cool to get up. Let that be able to show the girls because she they're really remember a whole lot. I've been at a game and eating sweets. Grown men on field run around plan. Well, Josh Hamilton, of course, the reason he was on the bench skin show as we forementioned was because he is going to be inducted into the Rangers hall of fame, and they went ahead to ask him is he excited about that fact? That'll be cut eight. Something you never think about. And so the day you know, twenty years ago, fifteen years ago think about one day of being any kind of whole thing, where I was at, you know, I've said no way. So it just lets me know reminds me of God's grace and, and, you know, that in Oakland people realize, you know, that I was always honest, and up probably mistake, the may they never hid behind anything or tried to, you know, my way out of it, but I talked about it, you know, though is that more to put it out there. So people realize, yeah, I play baseball for living. God gave me a talent to do it. But it's. No person that comes to, you know, problems or struggles or weaknesses. I'm not gonna have what I do. And just go along with it. I'm gonna talk about it. Bill to help out and that's been the most rewarding part of the whole journey. Is this Sharon, Gosden life, and what he continues to do? And now that I'm done with baseball. Well, what a story for Josh Hamilton, there, a future member of the Texas Rangers hall of fame. In my opinion, extremely extremely deserved for one of the most talented players, not only in major league baseball, but you ever wear a Texas ranger jersey in maybe one of the best pure stories in general that we've ever seen here in sports, and I am just honored that I had the privilege here growing up in DFW chew watch and have a first row seat at the story that was Josh Hamilton, and how that unfolded. So that'll be a great moment at the ballpark when he gets inducted into the Rangers hall of fame. And if you don't agree with him being inducted, you're entitled to that opinion. That's what makes sports great. I just don't necessarily agree with you. All right..

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