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Sound Library that I pay for an Hamlin receipts so I bet your toppy right violation right here and now. Here's Nicole coal all right. We are starting well for the live program. Graham worst starting a couple of minutes early so if you found us at nine minutes till three o'clock thanks for being here early for everyone else You know if you listen on the podcast or if you listen on progressive voices all will be as it normally is so i. I guess I don't even need to to to embellish that anyway here we are Well how things change right this time time. Well not to sell last night and this morning when we awoke we figured it was all over but the crying that things were going to end today in the The Senate in Peach Mint trial of Donald Trump. Because well we heard last night. Well you know what I should go into the news. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this. Because there's so much going on let me tell you. Today show was a busy one. We've got L. E. install actually a conversation. We recorded a few hours ago and we joked a made no secret of the fact that we were taping it in the morning because I said anything and everything it could change by the time this airs and yes a lot has changed. We'll get into all of it. And then Lisa grades will join us for the last half hour or so of the program and and Lisa is A. She's a brilliant she. She's a brilliant woman and she is a great legal mind as well. She is a veteran of the Department of Justice under Bill Clinton where she was an assistant. Deputy Attorney General. She was the chief counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee when it was chaired by Patrick Leahy her her her experience is monumental. She has been quiet for the past week because she's been dealing with. I'm she was sick and under a doctor's orders where she couldn't talk so today she's finally able to talk and share with us her thoughts on everything that's going on but let's start with the news shall we. I won't even do it live well. I won't even play the recorded. Well I'll bring as much to live have is I can and again so much has changed since this morning. I guess we should begin with the latest bombshell. Yes we knew. There would be another bombshell and sure enough. We wonder would it be John Bolton more of him is he gonNA stand by Eilly early and watch as the Senate shirks its responsibility And and goes forth and makes this into a sham of an impeachment trial L. and calls no witnesses. Well somehow Maggie Haberman and Michael Schmidt at the New York. Times got another scoop two hours ago. Trump told Bolton to help his Ukraine pressure campaign. Book says reads the headline and let me just three to you from the New York Times more than two months before he asked Ukraine's president to investigate his political opponents. President trump directed John Bolton then his national security advisor to help with his pressure campaign to extract damaging information on on Democrats from Ukrainian officials according to an unpublished manuscript by Mr Bolton quote Mr Bolton gave the instruction Mr Bolton wrote during an Oval Office conversation in early May that included. That's my drummer. Because I don't appoint handy ready. That included the acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. The president's personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani and the White House. Council Pat Simple Loney. Who is now leading the president's impeachment defense? I want that to sink in Mulvaney. Giuliani end SIP. Aloni were all in the room. When trump told Bolton directed him as something that Jason Leopold reported months ago and was you know raked over the coals for well. He's been vindicated directed. Him Trump directed him to Investigate to to set up a meeting with your let me just finish. Mr Trump told Mister Bolton to call a lot of Mir's Alinsky. He would recently won election as president of Ukraine to ensure misspelled. Mr Zilenski would meet with Mr Giuliani. who was planning a trip to Ukraine Ukraine to discuss the investigations that the president sought in Mr Bolton's account Mr Bolton never made the call he wrote and so Adam Schiff began today's arguments which were ostensibly about the Whether or not to call witnesses with that information. Here's a little bit of it today. We were greeted needed to yet another development in the case when the New York Times reported with a headline that says trump told.

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