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Undeniably irrefutable red eye radio and he's eric harley i'm gary mcnamara welcome in good morning sometimes you have editorial writers that just put the words together in the right way and national review did there the annetta to'real on alfie evans twenty three month old child in great britain who has been hospitalized with a rare neuro degenerative disorder and against his parents wishes the hospital there in liverpool removed him from life support on monday evening saying that you know it's useless to hold on any hope whatsoever now you've got a pediatric hospital in italy in rome that's offered to treat him and arranged for his medical transport which is on standby the italian government has cooperated granted him citizenship clearing all legal and administrative hurdles in advance the plane is waiting great britain says now and they write here national review doctors and liverpool forbid the child to be removed from their watch however and the british courts have backed them up holding out the possibility that at some point the parents will be permitted to take him home to die but batting down the idea that he will ever be allowed to leave the country the courts have offered no compelling or even plausible reason for blocking his transfer to the italian hospital we support the parents tom evans and kate james in their resolve to keep the case before the public until the hospital correct its course and releases alfie so they can place him in the hands of medical professionals will provide care that the liverpool doctors will not defend their position which abe repeated in several decisions handed down since december british judges have merely gestured at the notion that they must supply an argument the parents for months they have reiterated that further medical treatment for alfie would not be in his best interest but if the rest of his life will be a short as they and his liverpool doctors say he has little bit to lose even if aerobic medical measures went awry and given the severity of his brain damage which has parents acknowledge official pronouncement about his autonomy is a non sequitur as it would be for any two year old child who is in need of medical attention for that matter judge justice anthony haden of the high court wrote that artificial ventilation wasn't salt and l fees dignity as if modern intensive care unit some cells were a barbarity the doctors in.

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