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Not the not the jaden smith one no because that should have been called the kid i'm wanna get into that still mad about should we cold what the kung fu kid i was in china i thought it should be called the shit best wasn't good shit on anything with jackie chan and it feels like sacrilege to ship jackets easier for me though yeah because it's the truth the i two i can watch those first two kids watched it so no we're you know we're watching this series what a fun show you will dig it yeah and original karate kids like oh little it's got some of that splash bags and little bit more about johnny thinks just a total dick and in what ways he is but always he just enjoyable and fun that's good you think you'd be rooting for johnny you know i watch some crazy thing on youtube once and it shows how actually how danielson is kind of the asshole in the in the equation because he really janis girl and it's like funny it's a it's an interesting perspective it is but this show i don't you're talking about but this show is actually i it's just i was surprised how much i enjoyed it and if people are saying well matt you you know you like justice league people didn't like that suicide squad easy critic some shit you know what i mean sometimes it's just shut up and have fun with too picky about it because i didn't really love justice league but when they fought each other.

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