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Number four roll along with guys josh. See and M. c. on sports talk seven ninety grateful to have you guys along as well free agency in in Basketball the draft signings regular season training camp all that usually sale man. We got an incredible six months. No that's in thirty two days up and it starts on december starts november. Eighteenth is when That's the draft. You had on the due diligence. I wonder how you know with all the the the twenty twenty covert stuff. I wonder against the emphasis like in football this year. And anything you're scouting department in how you rate a guy how you observe him than how you break him down in great him had to be with more urgency and you have to trust in people and put a little more trust the people that have seen a guy more than in the past or do you think of the nba that turn on the tv and watch the tape and say that guy's got game. I'll take him. You gotta do your do diligence to find out what he practices like. I mean with they've had to pick up the tempo with this one right. Yeah i mean you ha. You have to have an idea right. You don't need all the advanced stuff to know. I would think you have an idea of more basketball than any other sport right. Yeah i think the only thing is because there for at least a college players. You didn't get to see a season from them. Did it and get enrolled either. Exactly it's hard to really know if there's anything that changed but like you said in general you see a guy you can kinda tell if he's an nba cal replay or not. I can you walk us. Just take us three for example in a sport if we walked into a. Let's say a gym with the top. Let's say we went to a big highlight. The las vegas invitational big high school basketball tournament. Right we would know. Yeah and we're sitting there and we watched about four or five games one after the other just. We love high school hoops that are watching one of the two or three best high school tournaments in the country. I remember when i played in it. It was. I mean some of the best guys had gone onto. And you'd look that guy that guy that guy the best of the best were they are right from all over the country and and you'd sit there and everybody you'd be sized them up when you'd walk into the casino your stay in the hotel and then you go in the gym and the gym within all these games are going saying oh man oh he's going to ucla. Yeah ralph jackson a ball where he was in inglewood high when they were the number one team. You know you can tell as a fan if us. We walked in oak hill academies there you know you start looking around the country wouldn't i. I can tell about a half or a game. I can dwindle down. I know who the fifteen best players appear to be in this gym. I think i could now. There's always that guy who made in shoot well and then in games two and this right right and so while. i know. I'm not trying to simplify it so much but damn it doesn't take much to watch. Wise men play or edwards. Play the or ball play and say okay pretty good now. Let's get to him scout. So i would imagine i easy. He's probably not the right word. But i get a better feel and you talk to the coach kind of practice habits. Josh made the point without having season we missed another season. How clutch they are in in moments you know or for some guys we we missed. Who would the fast. Riser of ben. Right there's always that guy in college season that you missed the college season. There's always that guy to you. Like man he went on a twelve game run or had a great tournament and pushes himself into the first round right. You miss that guy. But i would imagine that if we can see it with the naked eye. Who's got that. You know the guy with extra handle the guy who's a really good passer. It doesn't take me long to figure out who the best deals on the corridor. And i would imagine that the nba feels that same way. When you're now you just gotta decide well. Is this guy a little bit better shooter than this guy who's got better who shoots it better. Long range under pressure dizzy fit in with our team. You know that that think that would be the harder part fit then it would be the guy got game when skills i i'd be looking for the weakness more than skill because the skills stick out sometimes a game. When you're scouting you may be able to hide some weaknesses because of a as zone defense. Can you play man. You know those things. But i think it's pretty obvious to me now. The the if we were to put the top twenty five players in the country in a gym and we watched and and we didn't put the names on the back of the jersey. Just the numbers. I'll betcha we could say well that guy. I'll bet you we could break down. Let's say there was thirty dudes. I'll betcha we could get close to pick in the top fifteen or twenty nine betcha we could now. I don't know if that baseball. I still more difficult. That's exactly. I gotta see a long and in football like at quarterback. I got to see a bunch of that to go. Who the biggest workout freak is. That's the problem you find it football. I'll i i've witnessed that per i went to the johnny manziel pro day and i was completely convinced after watch then person standing five feet away from it. I'm like oh my god. This guy has a rocket for an arm. He's going to be incredible right. Yeah he can do everything. Well he had don't forget he had shoulder pads and he put through his pro workout. He did all that to show them that he could throw with. All that is hard going. Everybody else going to that. Like i was really. I was in the in the category of this guy's going to be a superstar and that's where the workout freak in football can kind of be hidden right. Yeah there's a big difference in plan shorts and a t-shirt where you can throw the ball and then all of a sudden yeah but he doesn't recover very well when there's eleven other dudes out there. What have you in baseball right. The main over the course time so difficult to fight you. That's gotta be along. But i got news for i promise you i think i could go watch edwards play five times which we've seen in play and say well that guy's a on court right because guess what they do play in shorts of t shirt. That's right right and you what you're seeing. There is what you're gonna see when he's playing pickup hoops. I mean now pressure part of it kenny. Is he again. Can he make free throws when the games on the line. All those things but listen if you could shoot shorts and a tee shirt in when you're playing ball georgia or you know you're playing ball memphis and and you're doing those things you could see the moves around the basket know we can see those guys and as long as it's then you're saying well okay. I know the strikes let me find is the guy. Movers feet on defense. But i to the three major sports basketball would be the easiest. If there is a word called easiest scouting anybody would be the easiest to define who the best players were the fastest. That would help us in a year like this. But now they're going to be facial all this pressure of bunch all this crap in and in the meantime making sure your veterans are taken care of seeking get younger players. Ready to give the veterans arrests. The first couple weeks of the season right. I say rest is limits minutes. They get their legs underneath them. Having to worry about scouting. These young is which you'd think most of it's done by now but getting them in camp. And then roger that it's all right. Who are we going to add from free agent. It's a lot in. It's probably going to split your team in twos of. Hey y'all are worried about this. You already about this and then hey we have this similar mindset that. We're trying to work with. But i think in general. It's not tough to do. Each one in basketball issues the cumulative effect of all in such a short period of time. That's best the real challenge for them. Oh i agree. And i will not be surprised with this thing. We were talking about teams that are jacked up that were didn't get to the bubble and teams that didn't get to the bubble but when they're healthy argued into the bubble if we ever had what again. Hopefully we will have to do that again. But you mentioned not surprise me if they're in the nba finals..

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