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Roy expected mercedes to go really well this weekend. Like you said they have done so in the past but aside from trench nineteen when that crushable power supply pao-yin rather mercedes of launched. Being on top job. I mentioned red bull last one here and i think twenty sixteen Era and max's doesn't have the best record mom's not nostra for example he Italian race but he did also with him Take from the will discuss it. I think is going to be a different. Doozy mercedes will be on top. Just i don't think he's going to be a walk in the pop lead. They're expecting elective previously hot. Especially if you look at last year when they didn't have any real competition home the unit in the back of the red bull alpha tara Is a different beast. It is to to quit. The tacoma kids say bill different on quite literally on it. Some any gives a heck of a heck of a on these traits with hamilton's for the record and especially given that he his just behind max also with perhaps a pending announcement tomorrow. The full one o'clock shall we say I think they'll be of momentum towards mercedes side exactly is revealed today that veltri boxes will be driving for alpha male next year and of course of course for very very long time probably since the very start of this show for two years ago. The the guy is going to be in. That second seat will be a russell next year. You have to feel. I'm surprised not ready to be revealed already but it has. It hasn't been so still still weighing on that one. But he's only a martime scholley and boats touching on the second drivers jowitt always say despite having both of their cars at the front yard Last week and in the cities couldn't pull off all strategy to beat marxist doctrine stop. It was just too dumb quick so if peres can get his qualifying right wherever it's the it's the him all the team got the qualifying right. Could you see some strategies coming into play of the second drivers this weekend yet. Definitely and i do feel like paris has the opportunity sway into Qualify more at the front of course golf sprint. Qualifying on again sir. from him spinning in silverstone denied feel like spring is something that would suit him a lot better than the traditional one lot because he gets do some passing we to see what checker on the weekend at sandoval terms of passing Gay just needs to clean qualifying sessions in arar to be able to qualify up there in the top five because then it just makes it will make life easier for red bull. I think we all sound like a broken record Whether it was lost he with albany Before we gasoline that united the the second red bull cars just doing good enough in qualifying and talk about the gap in everything. it's Tough second or whatever between maxon. whoever's in the second costs are are think. Just check our to put in that performance to to kinda shot up. The critics gave red bull that opportunity to be able to Come up with an alternate strategy during the rice because not always Pugh price on max. Aside gonna win them rices. Sorry they're going to need that second car to back them up. Definitely definitely main rebel..

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