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Do we thinking air? Experience is a good way to do a an announcement. What could what could this be? VR Experience Day. They send out VR headset. hardboard at sets. A, Nicer than cardboard. They were plastic and they were free. And the only had the. Five hundred available, but I was able to sign up fast enough to get one. I think I still have it somewhere. Yeah, but it was already read event. You Are you? Are you GONNA use? Are you going to use the to experience it or? Just because you know it's. It's our job. We should probably see what they're trying to do. And how well they execute it. and. That's just like in two weeks from now. I now it's like there's usually the summer is really quiet, and I can relax a little bit, but I feel like coronavirus. Push things back a little bit so like. ESIASON's holding an event on the on the twenty second for our three. And then we've got this like the day before or something. And then we've got apparently now unpacked like a week later. It's like Oh gosh. I guess it's not quite summer, and then if the Pixel for eight ever releases we'll probably get to. Well, it's. It's the it's the. It's the beginning of fall push consumer product. Push to get to the holidays right, so were there t and everything up, so it does seem like it's going earlier. Though as opposed to everything, mean pushed out. It seems like this is going earlier, but who knows well. The doored a our APP is available in the place now, so you can go download it now and get ready for July twenty first. Showing off camera a little bit. If you're watching the video version I was outside. You know fired up and went to the site and everything, and they have like a a placeholder kind of a our experience where you can see like a dummy phone on the table, and it gives you the cal those schedule of when the event is and everything, but I think it's just there to let you know you're doing it right so. NEAT! I think it's interesting that like we've got both sides of the spectrum here between these two announcements, the one plus that's going to be a much less expensive device. In even compared to other one plus devices, and on the flip side. You've got the note, the note twenty ultra of which you can only. Is Probably GonNA. Be Wearing the fifteen hundred, if not more range, it's GonNa. Be a flip inexpensive so. Now We're times. This is neat. We've been talking about this from time to time. And now we have the I've actually played around with it. A little bit was own airdrop. I O devices have airdrop. It's better for local peer to peer file sharing. It's actually really cool. System used it a couple of times, and it works really well. We've had something similar to this on android. In the past, it was called beam, but it all it did all of the file transfer. If I'm not mistaken through Bluetooth and NFC so file transfer was really slow, and not all phones had NFC, and you know around a number of years, but it never really.

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