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And to be honest, brutally honest about every bit of it. We worked endless hours to make sure that when we deliver it to you. It's fact, it's a fact Shepard Smith on Fox News channel real news. Real. Honest opinion more protests today in Venezuela against the Madero government division. Supporters are back out on the streets of Caracas today. They are hoping to keep up pressure to eventually force the government to step down and today. Those demonstrators rallied in the west of the city in a pro government area close to the presidential palace. The angry about shortages of supplies and blame the government for many of the day day problems that people are experiencing and to add to that misery that will widespread power cuts across this week lasting for more than twenty four hours. And some areas are still without select Christina. Fox's kitty Logan. A judge ordering more migrant children to be reunited with their families. Judge daynuss Abrazos already ordered more than twenty seven hundred migrant children to be reunited with their parents. That order applied to kids who are in custody as of June two thousand eighteen but now the judge expand said order applying it to children. Separated from their families in twenty seventeen that order comes after a report by the health and human services departments internal watchdog, which says more children may have been separated by Trump administration policies since the summer of two thousand seventeen the ACLU had sued over the practice of separating children from their parents, saying the administration's devastated, these families chill NATO, Fox News more details are coming out about the sixteen count indictment against empire's star jussie smollet who's accused of lying about a racist and homophobic, homophobic attack. Chicago police said small at took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career saying he was unhappy with his pay. The department spokesman tweeted as superintendent Johnson stated allegations against Mr. small letter shameful. And if proven they're an affront to the people of Chicago..

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