Honky Tonk discussed on The Dream Detective


Oh my dad he was really quite a character like I remember growing up how we used to listen to Honky tonk music on the on the radio and then he turned the radio off and then he would play it and I've been told that he never knew how to read music or Anything like that and so how did he do that I don't know where did he play it on guitar or piano or no a big piano? You know. Upright. Piano Yeah and so it would be really fun. All of us kids would hang around the piano and listen to him play and it was really fun. So we would do fact. And Anyway. my dad I didn't know that he was psychic or whatever the word would be. If I remember we were living up Mount Rainier and it was raining outside really bad and it was dinnertime and back then or for my family anyway, we sat down to the dinner table at five thirty every night not five, thirty, five, five, thirty it was really a strict regiment as far as I'm concerned but anyway. We're just sitting there having our dinner and my Dad.

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